Listen To Your Heart Always

I was working for a computer training center in 2002. Everything was going on well till February 2002. I went to work as usual around the second week of March. Suddenly, I suffered from a heavy stomach pain. I returned home with the pain and was admitted to a hospital. My doctors diagnosed that the pain is as a result of Jaundice. They also told my parents that my liver is a bad state.

I was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for around 10 days. I became so tired and lost weight after recovery. In the meantime, I also suffered from Epilepsy. I returned home after a gap of nearly 17 days.

After few days, I began to think about my future. My boss called and requested me to join back since my students want me to take classes. But I was not in a position to work again since I was very much tired. I thought deeply as to what should be done so that I will be able to earn little cash to meet my monthly expenses.

I decided to work from home as a freelancer. I enjoy writing and hence I started as a freelance writer. My friends joked at me and told that I will not be able to earn anything from home. But I was confident that I will be able to do well. My parents and brother supported my initiatives.

I identified the sites where I can contribute my work. I established cordial relationship with them. However, I also contributed voluntarily for few sites since I always believe in sharing knowledge to others. I continued to publish content in various sites assuming that I will get opportunities. A big advantage of freelance writing is that you can provide your contact email and other site/blog owners will contact you if the content attracts them. That way I got lot of opportunities from various sources.

One day, I was browsing MSDN India website and found a link to nominate myself for the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. I applied by providing a list of my contributions. I thought it will be a tough selection process since the MVP program was in infancy at that time.

One day, I received a surprise phone call from a Microsoft Manager and he asked me to provide extra details. I provided them and he told me to wait for the best. He again called me after 10 days and told me that I have been selected as a Microsoft MVP. My Manager told me that I will be get welcome kit with all goodies soon.

I shared the exciting news with my parents and brother. They were very proud of my achievement.

I would not have got the Microsoft MVP award if I had not listened to my heart.

My father went to The Hindu newspaper office and provided all documents so that my recognition will be published in print. They published my achievement and my neighbours came to congratulate me.  Hence, my heart not only created happiness among my parents and family but also other people nearby my house.

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