Building a healthy heart and lifestyle – Part 2

In the first part, I examined the various types of activities you need to perform. As a continuation, you can perform cleaning operation inside your house. You can clean tables, desk, and windows once in every week morning or evening. This will give a fresh sense of mind.

Balanced Diet

If you would like to maintain a healthy heart, you should eat a balanced diet consisting of proteins, calories, carbohydrates and minerals. If you are vegetarian, you should consider a Vitamin D3 supplement as per your doctor’s advice. A daily dose of Vitamin D will maintain your cholesterol levels to a large extent.


Reducing Fat

To maintain a healthy heart, you need to reduce the intake the fat daily. If you decrease fat it will reflect in your monthly test results by giving a normal range of Cholesterol. Moreover, if you reduce fat your abdomen organs like pancreas and liver will also work properly.

Reducing Junk Food

You should reduce junk foods. This includes chips manufactured on the streets, bakery items, cream biscuits, potato chips sold in malls and others. Normally, chips are prepared by storing boiled oil overnight, which will provide dangerous for your heart in the long run. You will not feel the effect immediately. The fat content will be accumulated and will attack you at a certain crucial point of time.


You can take normal biscuits, bread items. Ideally, I would recommend you to make use of home based fruit jams as a side dish for the bread. This will be tasty and healthy instead of purchasing branded jams from the supermarket.

Eat slowly

It’s not just what will you eat. The heart life depends upon how you eat. You should sit and consume breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least 20 minutes of time. You need to slowly chew the items without consuming in one bulk.

Consume fruits every day

I would suggest you to eat one natural fruits such as mangoes, banana, and watermelons every day along with breakfast. These fruits contain much-needed vitamins and minerals which are essential for your human body.

Always Smile

You can have a good and healthy heart if you are happy every day. If you look at your neighbour or newspaper boy you should smile.

Engage with your family

To maintain a healthy life, you should interact with your family and kids regularly. You can do so by playing caroms or chess with your kids every weekend. This will help you to release tensions.

It’s better to spend 30 minutes every day to watch Televisions. You should avoid watching telefilms or serials since they spread negative thoughts. You need to watch film songs, old evergreen films, news and sports. You can also watch travel and food based TV channels. For example, I watch Safari channel every day before sleep. It will take me to a world which I can’t imagine.

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