Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer helps you to maintain good personal hygiene

If you would like to be healthy, you need to take care of your personal hygiene daily. Typically, hands are one area where millions of germs exist. When you are busy with work and meetings, you will naturally forget to properly wash your hands before lunch or dinner. It is absolutely important for you to wash your hands using a premium product such as Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer daily to avoid infections and diseases.

Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer is not only a powerful hand sanitizer but also safe for kids from a wide range of hand sanitizer online products. Moreover, it provides protection against germs for 8 hours straight without any break. The company claims that the product will kick out 99.9% harmful germs.

If you look at other competing products, you will find the presence of alcohol. Even though alcohol is an ordinary sanitizer with the ability to dry your palms, it will have a dangerous effect on your health. You should note that the triclosan does more bad than good.

However, the Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer is completely alcohol-free and is manufactured using 98% naturally derived materials. Touted as a kid safe hand sanitizer, the product will also be useful for women, senior citizens and hospitalized patients.

Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer

The highlight of the product is that it is completely natural without any triclosan. Moreover, the product is from the house of Godrej, which has a great reputation of producing excellent quality home products. Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer is available in spray format and hence it spreads better and faster.

With the ability to knock out 99.9% germs, you will be able to eliminate the germs in one go with one spray with the alcohol-free hand sanitizer. The unique water-based formula doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. Hence, you will not have to face any stickiness or irritation. Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer also provides 8 hour-long protection against mosquitos and saves you from the risk of getting malaria and dengue.

Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer

If you buy the product, it will last for 200 sprays. Hence, you can use it for at least 100 days provided you use the spray twice daily. You can also take the sanitizer when you are traveling because of the compact size. Imagine, you use a public toilet inside a railway station. It will have germs because several people are using the facility. If you carry the Godrej Sanitizer, you can kill all the germs and stay protected.

To use Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer, you need to flip open the top cap. You can then spray the sanitizer once or twice a day onto dry hands. You should rub over palm, fingers, and back of hands until dry. The sanitizer bottle is 100% recyclable, reusable and beautiful. Moreover, the bottle is environment-friendly.

Priced at an affordable Rs. 50, Godrej Protekt Hand sanitizer is available from Amazon and BigBasket including retail stores, malls and supermarkets across India.

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