My #HalfGirlfriend Relationship Story

It was in the year 2000 I joined a computer training centre as a faculty. Initially, I was employed in a location, which is far away from my home. However, I enjoyed traveling and hence I could not find any difficulty. After few months, the management opened another centre nearby the city. It was a small house refreshed as a training centre.

Initially, I had to teach lessons to a group of students from the previous centre. Within few days, plenty of new students joined for various courses. One day, a girl came very fast after opening the main glass door and she occupied her chair before the computer. I was assigned to teach her Microsoft Office. I reached out to the place and she understood that I am her teacher. I sat on a chair nearby and began explaining various topics. Whenever I saw her, she used to smile at me gently and turns back in a serious mood.

She also speaks gently with a low voice, which attracted me. She is not that kind of girl who shouts loudly and mingles with other boy students. I never saw her talking to another student. I realized that she should be my dream girl in life when she used to visit the institute for learning. However, I decided to spend some more time before I propose to her.

One day, I was involved in teaching work for another set of Diploma students. However, she arrived sharply and occupied her chair. I saw her working seriously by turning her mouse. She asked me few doubts. However, I had to make use of the mouse to resolve the doubt.

When I tried to place my hand on the house, she realized the fact and immediately took away her hands from the mouse. After that, she smiled at me. When I teach topics, she listens by shaking her head. I always felt that I should tell my intentions but something stopped me from doing it. I am still wondering what’s that X factor which prompted me from telling my fact. I was in love with her but I never asked about her opinion.

One day, it was raining heavily when I had to lock the institute and hand over the key to her house. She realized that I am unable to lock the door by holding an umbrella in one hand. She came and helped me to lock the door properly.

I was forced to resign from my job because of my bad health. However, I visited the institute to meet my old friends. When I was going back home, she saw and smiled at me. I am not sure whether she was in love with myself as well since I never asked about it.

I still believe that If I had proposed to her, she would have also agreed. However, I never had a chance to expose my true love to her. I still feel sad about my inability to express love to her despite having a great friendly relationship. I feel that I missed a great opportunity in life despite finding a reliable partner in life.

The whole friendship lasted around one year but I missed the bus to express my love. The fact is that I could not tell her about my love due to a reason which I never know. I still dream about my lost #HalfGirlfriend.

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