Book Review – Vegan Diet Plan for Beginners

Vegan Diet For Beginners is an excellent book, which examines all aspects of cooking delicious recipes. The book includes 76 recipes including diet plans of 8 weeks. The author has covered vegan breakfast smoothie, appetizer, salad, soup, side dishes related recipes. The last chapter deals with main course and it provides a detailed list of all recipes.

The author has covered the details of each recipes in an uniform manner with ingredients paired with detailed instructions. The advantage of the book is that you will learn the Vegan recipes of all countries under a single umbrella. The book contains over 2000+ pages of Vegan related diet content.

You will find a table on the top of each book. It includes prep time, total minutes and servings. You will find seving related information in all recipes. After that, the author provides a detailed list of ingredients in bulleted format followed by detailed instructions.

I would appreciate if the author release the book in two parts because it is difficult to navigate and read 2000 pages of content in a single stretch. However, I highly recommend the book for all people who love to cook Vegan diet because the book mentions all important recipes in a simple style. The author has examined the steps required to prepare recipes in a style which is easy to read.

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