Book Review: Bhrigu Mahesh PhD: The Return of Damayanti

Nisha Singh, a popular author of fiction novels is back with a bang with the release of Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti. The book revolves around the detective Bhrigu Mahesh, his friend Nataraj Bhakti and other characters.

If you read the novel, Bhrigu called a hapless and retired clerk whose goes by the name Nataraj Bhakti. He thinks that Nataraj is being haunted by the real spirit of his dead wife. During the middle of the novel, the woman gets brutally murdered. The plot is that the great detective faces a big challenge of either to catch the real killer or risk the destruction of many innocent lives.

The book is divided into three parts comprising of 50 chapters. The first chapter talks about the institution of marriage, adultery including the appearance of new characters such as Daisy with whom Bhrigu had an emotional touch since they know about each other for a long time. The author discusses an eatable item, which is the main specialty of Bhrigu. After Daisy left, another person named Nataraj makes an appearance, who is called by Bhrigu.

In the next chapter, the Nataraj talks about taking action against a particular caste but Bhrigu is bit hesitant. He also talks about the item he used to bring every night to his bathroom. He was also overpowered by something and it has been covered in Page 17. The author points out several things including the hairstyle.

When Bhakti goes away from Bhrigu’s house, he sits in an awkward position and told something. He also deeply thinks about the shortcomings. He always feels that Bhakti is a clerk. Is it so? You have to read the novel to find out the real truth.

The next chapter revolves around on an MLA who has been in touch with Bhrigu over a case. A new character named Kapil appears on the scene. You will find a common word in italics in several places. Manjunath appears on the scene and the plot thickens. The book mentions about the investigation agency. However, the actual country name where the agency is situated is not provided. A lady character appears on the scene.

You will find the appearance of several lady characters. Bhrigu reaches a village and he is amazed to know that a railway station exists in the place. The author also mentions about a site, which is famous for pilgrimage. He then visits an old house nearby the village. He establishes a friendship with a young driver and a guide, who helped him by pointing out the history of the house. The rapport builds strongly.

The story continues in a typical manner until he meets a sad woman.  However, the woman surfaces lately and he tries to locate an item that is missing. A new twist happens when a lady character appears, cleans the room and locates the missing stuff. You will find the presence of an important character in Page 77. The first part of the novel is very long.

The remaining chapters feature a late-night vigil, a loose encounter, pedantic tour including the angry host. Towards the end of part 1, the story deepens to a story of loss and management of a slow weekend.

The Part 2 of the gripping novel talks about a frantic call and its aftermath. In the remaining chapters, several characters appear on the scene. You will know about the list of suspects including warrant related information. Have you seen a peaceful Damayanti? If not, read the Chapter 36. People often take revenge but will it be sweet? Navigate to Chapter 38.

Bhriju asks Chiranjeev about the fact that whether he is going to attend a show. If you would like to get the answer, you should turn up to Page 331. The last part consists of 8 chapters. It scans deeply into the world of curiosities, riddles. A vanity trap has been laid during the final stage, which has been nailed in Page 360.

The author has provided interesting information on Page 353. I am sure you will be immersed after reading the chapter. The final chapter talks about the decoding of something, which is very interesting and it spans across several pages.

You should note that the length of the book is too long and you need to spend several days to finish the novel. Moreover, the author has covered stories in several pages in one single paragraph, which is a bit difficult to read.

Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD: The Return of Damayanti by Nisha Singh will immerse you with a strong gripping story. I would strongly recommend Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD for a casual night-time read. If you enjoy reading fiction novels, then you will surely find the novel very useful.

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