Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2 Adds Options Panel, Function and Hit Count Breakpoints

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2 has been released by Microsoft. It is free Visual Studio add-on that enables rich programming and debugging experience for working with the Unity gaming tools and platform.

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2 provides support for Unity 5. With the help of the new Option panel, developers will be able to enable or disable various parameters depending upon your use cases.

Option panel for VSTU

The latest release includes a new feature with which you will be able to break the debugger when an exception happens in your Unity code. However, you need to enable this feature in the option panel. After that you will be able to make use of Exception Settings window to configure the desired exception you want to break on.

Experimental support for breaking on exceptions

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2 includes support for the creation of function breakpoints.

Function Breakpoints

The release also provides support for hit count breakpoints, where the debugger breaks depending on how many times the breakpoint has been hit while the code is running. This feature will be highly useful when debugging loops.

The object IDs features included with the latest release of VSTU allow developers to get a reference to an object even if it’s not in scope.

Object IDs

You will find a list of all new features, bug fixes and other related major changes in the official changelog. You can also post your suggestions on UserVoice and report bugs via the Visual Studio Connect site.

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