Break All Difficulties With #MoreIndianThanYouThink

People face several problems in life. We would not able to find any person without any problems. I also had to face several issues in life. However, the way in which you manage to resolve the particular situation will decide your fate. If you are sitting idle after you face problems, then nobody can help you to sort out the situation.

In 2002, I faced a major health problem. I was hospitalized for several days without knowing the actual cause of the disease. However, I faced the situation by deeply praying from my inner heart. In India, we have a rich tradition of various cultures. When I faced a problem, I prayed to all God, which ultimately helped me to come out of the situation.

After the 2002 fiasco, I had to suffer several health problems. I always believed in the ideology that there is a solution for every problem. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. Even though I suffered health issues, I worked hard by paying importance to values and culture based on Indian tradition.

As an Indian, I shared my problems with my parents including my brother, which helped me a lot to achieve success. I was awarded Microsoft MVP award nine consecutive times because of my sheer hard work by paying important to ideologies and values.

When I was dropped from the Microsoft MVP award program, I was not disappointed because I completely had trust with my values. I always believed in hard work. I am sure I will get the award again with dedication and hard work.

In December 2015, I started to work for a technology blog. From November 2016, payments were not proper and the owner never paid the pending salaries. Even though I stopped writing from January 2017, my salaries were never paid. Going by the behavior of the owner, I infer that he will never pay.

However, I am of the opinion that with dedication, passion and hard work, I will be able to recover the lost money. The Indian ideology is that never give up. I am not going to give up at any time. I have decided to work smartly my dedicated mind and expect to recover the lost money within the next few months.

Even though you are cheated by someone, the values and culture of India will never prompt you to sit idle. It will only encourage you to work hard and better. I am already into technology blogging and hope that I will be able to build a top site better than my previous employer.

There is no doubt that hard work coupled with my own ideology and culture habits such as music listening and watching comedy shows will produce great results. My habit is simple – smile even if you lose and listen to soothing music. It will motivate you to do more.

Recently, a student named Jishnu committed suicide in Kerala due to some problems with the engineering college he studied. However, I am of the opinion that he should not have done the act because he had a lot of things in stock. Jishnu should have quit the studies and venture into his own work like freelancing and blogging.

With continuous hard work, Jishnu, in the long run, could have achieved success if he had been alive. My advice to all students who think of suicide is that Never do that. Before doing the act, thing about the family and cultural values of India. The four-year college degree is not final. Think about the big college drop-outs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. They are now not only giving employment to several people but also developed products to improve the lifestyle of people.

Recently, Snapchat CEO reportedly told something about India. My suggestion is to forget what he told and work for the betterment of our nation since our ideology and culture is very unique. We have a rich set of traditions such as dance and music and much more, which will help you come out of tensions to a large extent.

Lufthansa has released a TV Commercial, which examines the growing global influence of people from India in all segments. The advertisement prompts you to think like India and features several sporting events. The video even advises you to eat like Indians by avoiding spoons.

The ad shows us to dance, which will boost our mental skills to a great extent. The big Namaste with a smiling face on the video is itself a credible sign of being #MoreIndianThanYouThink. Please visit for more information.

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