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Paintings are precious. If you are a painter, you will have to spend several days to design and finish the artwork. You will not be able to become popular if you keep the paintings with you. Hence, you need to consider selling it via exclusive online platforms such as is a popular online art gallery, which not only showcases the paintings but also will be able to sell them across the world. Even though Gallerist is based in India, you will be able to establish connectivity with several art and art admirers through digital route.

With Gallerist, you will be able to search and purchase a wide range of paintings such as Buddha Paintings, Krishna Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Floral Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, and Landscape Paintings. With over 3000 premium paintings, Gallerist has an exhaustive list of artwork created by over 900 artists worldwide.

The main attraction of Gallerist is the inclusion of a wide range of Buddha paintings. You can browse the whole catalog of Paintings Online oriented for Buddha by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting the link captioned “Buddha Paintings”. You can buy a painting depending upon your budget and requirements.

Buddha Painting

If you select a relevant painting, you will view the complete description of the work along with the specifications. You will also view a big image of the painting. If you move the mouse cursor over the painting, you will be able to view the painting closely.

Gallerist has also placed the original logo on the right-hand side. Hence, you can buy the painting with solid assurance. If you like the work, you can share the link over social media platforms listed inside the Share On box.

Gallerist also sells elegant dancer paintings. If you are interested in buying paintings related to dance, you can buy it easily from the site.

Elegant Dancer Painting

If you place your mouse over the SHOP BY link located on the top navigation bar, you will be able to navigate through the painting based on various sections. The Paintings section provides a list of all categories. For example, if you select Landscape paintings, you can view all the paintings related to Landscape.


The Drawings panel helps you to browse all the painting work related to drawings. You can also drill down paintings based on rooms. If you require paintings for your bedroom, you just need to select the Paintings for Bedroom option.

As you can see from the above picture, you can search for paintings based on price, materials, and surface. It will help you to simplify the process involved with Buy Paintings Online.

If you would like to buy Oil paintings, you only need to select the relevant option and the site provides a list of all artwork related to oil. You can buy high-quality premium original Krishna paintings from the site.

Krishna Painting

Gallerist makes use of a comprehensive search facility to simplify the time of prospective buyers. By choosing a relevant search option, you can drastically reduce the time you spend for searching and concentrate on the features of the paintings.

If you select ARTISTS link, you will view a mega menu with the list of all artists who have exhibited their work on the site. If you want to buy a painting work of a specific author, you need to select the name and the site displays the relevant work.


The company also employs a system of artist verification. As a buyer, you need to be convinced that the painting work you are intended to buy is created by the original author. If you are interested in trains, you can buy paintings related to locomotives.


Furthermore, if you like to purchase paintings which are on discounted sale, you just need to select the OFFERS link located on the top navigation bar.


In addition to the sale of paintings, Gallerist also maintains an updated blog with content published directly by the team. You can learn about the concepts related to paintings on the blog.

Before proceeding to buy, you need to register on the site. The site provides three options. You can either register as a buyer, artist, reseller, gallery or architect depending upon your level. If you have drawn a painting and would like to sell, you should register as an artist.


If you navigate to the bottom of the site, you will be able to view a list of five top artists and popular categories. The site also provides tips for artists including a detailed FAQ. You can also browse video gallery, shipping policy including return guidelines.

You will also find relevant social media channel icons through which you can establish connectivity with the company. As of April 25, Gallerist is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Gallerist accepts all modes of payments such as debit and credit cards including Internet banking.


Gallerist is an excellent initiative to promote paintings designed by the upcoming budding artists. The artists will get much-needed attention on social media since the company promotes their display work on social media. You just need to upload your creation and provide specifications. Gallerist will complete the remaining work such as promotion and sale of the painting. If you display the painting inside an offline gallery, you only be able to attract few people on the location. However, with Gallerist, your work will be seen by people all over the world. Hence, you will be able to gain popularity in less time with minimum effort. We highly recommend Gallerist for buying and selling paintings, artworks, and drawings.

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