#AwakenYourForce with HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook opens with a magic spell of imagination and performance. The games compatible with the laptop are all well designed to attract many viewers of all ages particularly young.

Each movement is a thrill mixed with expectation. One would wonder whether the software magic will go how much distance. Overall, the games that I am going to play with this lovely beast provide a mix of comics with fun and fantasy.

I would love to play Grand theft auto the moment I unbox it to test the real power of 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor. It’s a game which requires a great degree of skill and ability. Right from start to end the games goes without interruptions (or in computer parlance – lags) and it is only entertaining till the end. My only way out is that something, in reality, should not happen.

Assassin’s creed is just an imagination beyond thinking. It brings laughter as it depicts the mentality of an assassin and his over ambitious mind.

The picture effects and editing were up to the mark when I viewed the game in 15.6-inch diagonal FHD anti-glare display.

The counter strike is a typical masala of both comedy and thriller. Attacks and counter attacks during the whole show were impressive to look at in HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook with 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 940M Graphics but at one point they are exceeding the limit of patience. Fun is missing though at sometimes it is amusing.

I had a great time when I played Call of Duty on my HP Star Wars laptop because it evoked laughter and was pleasing to watch.

MaxPayne 3 is a mix of an action thriller with tragic drama and I called my neighbours as well to display the game on the HP Star Wars laptop. The whole game was good to watch and enjoyable with the whole family using a laptop with powerful Core i5 6200U Processor.

I remember those days when I played Diablo using my Pentium II computer with a small CRT monitor way back in 1997. I again installed the latest version of Diablo on my HP Star Wars laptop and what a game it was. I enjoyed every piece of shooting since I can watch them clearly due to anti-glare Full High Definition display.

A gaming laptop is for playing at all times. So I thought to play something on my bed to test the sounding system. I thought sound will decrease when I placed the notebook on my bed. But it was not the case. I was able to hear great sound from the notebook due to impressive B&O speakers which are placed on the top of the notebook instead of the bottom.

HP Stars Wars Special Edition notebook comes with a dedicated command center as an icon on the desktop. You will be able to view Star Wars rare collection when opened. You can access a wide range of accessories such as Wallpapers, screensavers, sound effects in addition to a collection of over 1100 images.

HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook induced me to repeatedly view and enjoy all the games I loved most. I also played Cricket World Cup and FIFA on it.

I even forgot to have my lunch at the correct time since the laptop seduced me with a brilliant red backlit keyboard.

The dedicated command centre, media library and R2-D2 sound themes excited me to the extreme that I slept only at 2 AM.

I accidentally dropped the notebook when I moved the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook from the table to bed. However, by God’s grace nothing happened. Even if something happens, I need not have to worry thanks to one-year onsite warranty with accidental damage protection. Hence, I will be able to play till all the inputs from my brain vanish.

I would rate the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook complete success with very high degree of fun and entertainment.

I am sure if you play with the notebook you will also feel same #AwakenYourForce like I had. This is a kind of force which you have to personally experience.

I am now waiting for the release of the next edition of Star Wars special edition notebook.


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