Multi Factor Authentication to Gain Momentum in 2016, Says Okta Report

Okta, Identity and mobility management specialist has released a new report which examines the latest trend in the enterprise sector in 2015. As per the report, apps such as Slack, Greenhouse, Envoy, Zapier, Windows Azure Public Cloud Services, Bamboo HR, Wrike and Lucidchart have topped the list.

An independent study conducted by Okta revealed high customer growth for the above mentioned apps. Slack has seen a major improvement and increased the adoption rate by 667% in 2015.

The report also states that there is a huge growth of the usage of recruitment apps by 99% beating the growth in project management and messaging apps. Greenhouse has seen a growth of 580% in the last 12 months.

As per Okta report, multi-factor authentication is expected to gain momentum with traditional security questions like mother’s maiden name in decline.

multi-factor authentication

There is an increasing trend among consumers to make use of phones and smartwatches in addition to biometric identification. The report also suggests an increase in the use of both hard and soft tokens too.

As per the report released by Okta, responsibility for security is moving away from IT with a 30% growth in the number of identity management purchase decisions where chief security officers were involved.

Okta report states that 2016 will be a major year for tablet manufacturers since there will be increase in the usage of the device due to its unique portability.

Okta report also mentions that usage of cloud apps has grown by 33%. While Amazon Web Services has grown at 123%, Microsoft Azure has grown 216% which is considerably high compared to previous years.

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