Soundtrap for Education Adds Google Classroom Integration

Soundtrap for Education has been launched recently with Google Classroom integration and is available starting at $4.98 per year per student for 50 seats.

The price will be decreased if you add more seats. You can easily calculate the cost as per your required number of seats by using the pricing calculator.

The education package includes support for 2790 loops, unlimited projects in addition to 210 instruments and sounds. Moreover, you will be provided with a walled garden and protected environment to host your lessons and music audio files.

The service provides a platform for kids to create music or audio recordings with fellow students within their invited and secured group. With the help of the service, students will be able to record a tune or podcast and then share it with their classmates.

Soundtrap for Education works on the cloud and provide support for a multitude of devices and operating systems including Google Classroom. Capable of running in less than three minutes, Soundtrap for Education enable students to create professional-sounding music and podcasts alone or with other students from remote locations, all using different devices.

Soundtrap for Education is compliant with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and makes sure that the collaborating participants operate in a secure, closed “Walled Garden” environment protected from the rest of the Internet.

With the help of Soundtrap for Education, teachers will be able to create walled gardened groups for a single class, an entire school, or multiple classes or schools, empowering students to get involved in cross-cultural projects. Moreover, in addition to inviting an entire class to a group, teachers will be able to keep track of individual students.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices, Soundtrap for Education also enables students to take instrument lessons using Soundtrap’s video and audio chat or group rehearsals for a school choir or band.

With the help of Soundtrap for Education, students will be able to switch from different devices at school and home in order to do homework on their projects. Moreover, teachers will be able to remotely coach students via the built-in audio or video chat facility. Furthermore, students will be able to perform group assignments with the student at the next desk or across the globe.

Per Emanuelsson, CEO, Soundtrap revealed that their education version is ideal for any classroom worldwide with students using the solution from the USA to Australia, UK and also in Asia too.

With support for Google Classroom and Chromebooks, Soundtrap for Education is poised to meet the growing demand for collaborative platforms that can create music or podcasts.

Selected as “The Best Website for Teaching and Learning 2015” by the American Association of School Librarians, Soundtrap is tailored for children and students in K-12, primary including secondary schools worldwide.

Soundtrap for Education was demonstrated at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) conference in Orlando, Florida from January 12-15 at booth #1818 and at the BETT education conference in London January 20-23.

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