Interview with Per Emanuelsson on Soundtrap for Education

Soundtrap for Education provides a web-based platform for kids to create music or audio recordings with fellow students. Moreover, students will be able to record a tune or podcast and then share it with their classmates.

Soundtrap for Education has been launched recently with Google Classroom integration and is available starting at $4.98 per year per student for 50 seats.

In an exclusive interview with Learnxpress, Per Emanuelsson, Chief Executive Officer, Soundtrap reveals the purpose and usefulness of Soundtrap for Education.

Learnxpress: Can you share the purpose of SoundTrap for Education in the present crowded cloud market?

Soundtrap is the first online and easy-to-use music and podcast solution that works across all devices. Since it is so easy to use, it can easily be used by kids only 6-7 years old. Since it works on all devices, the students can continue their creative process outside the classroom and at home. You can start on an iPad, continue on a Chromebook, invite a friend using a Windows machine or Macbook and finish the project with an Android phone. Even if the cloud market in general is crowded, there are very few competitors at all in this market segment of music and podcast making.

Learnxpress: We can now record and share music online through Dropbox and OneDrive. In this scenario, what is the use of SoundTrap for Education.

In Soundtrap you are actually collaborating in real time. Like Google Docs, but for Music. Therefore, the feedback is instant between the collaborators. Moreover, Soundtrap also has an in-built video chat so the collaborators see and hear each other while making the music together in real time and possible different device type. Hence, it is as much difference as sending old fashion word documents back and forth to each others vs. collaborating on a document in Google Docs in realtime.

See and example of a teacher story here:

Learnxpress: Is it possible for the students to share videos using SoundTrap for Education?

No. Soundtrap is for music and podcast making not for video.

Learnxpress: What is the difference between SoundTrap and SoundTrap for Education?

Soundtrap for Education gives the students the full version of the regular Soundtrap but on top of that, the school and teachers also get:

  1. A COPPA compliant environment where the students can collaborate in a secure walled garden controlled by the school.
  2. Easy importing of full class structures from Google Classroom, Google Directory och CSV files
  3. Support for teachers to send out assignments from within Soundtrap
  4. A heavily discounted pricing model. The full premium version for consumers is $9.99 per month. The education model starts at $4.98 per YEAR per student (minimum 50 seats).

Learnxpress: What is the real benefit of Google Classroom integration?

As mentioned above it makes it possible for the teacher to onboard a whole school in just a couple of seconds through automatic import. It also has support for assignments.

Learnxpress: Can students outside United States adopt SoundTrap for Education?

Yes., Soundtrap is a global service. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. We have students using Soundtrap from all over the world.

Learnxpress: Do you have any special plan to promote SoundTrap for Education in emerging countries like India?

Yes. Definitely. We see that all students benefit from Soundtrap. Music is universal! Also see this video on how Soundtrap can be used to connect schools from different parts of the world together to bring about important cultural exchanges:

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