Varanasi Boat School – Creating an impact – Part 2

If you have numerous Tinkle comic books which your kids have used during their childhood days, then you can consider donating them to Varanasi boat school rather than throwing away.

Recently, Malayalam film actor Suresh Gopi has pledged to donate a Computer and Internet connectivity (via Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran TV Show) to a library in remote area near Trivandrum, where the majority of people are adivasis.

This should be the beginning of the change and hope. Enough is enough. We should not find any children on the streets begging for money and food. Trace them and provide education. Let them do a decent job after the completion of education.

For example, if a student has completed from Varanasi boat school, then the same student can impart training to upcoming students of the school.

I would also suggest Varanasi boat school authorities to impart a short training program on the history of Ganga to school children to create an impact and awareness among the students. This is because many children are not aware of the history behind Ganga. They can be shown a video demonstration and content from Wikipedia can be printed out and distributed among children.

Varanasi boat school can tap e-learning as well. They can hire teachers and professionals from all over India and impart training over Skype. Learning materials and videos can be uploaded on e-learning platforms such as Moodle. Doubts can be cleared via Skype during class timings.

Varanasi boat school is an innovative concept and the similar theme can be replicated across India. You will find plenty of lakes and rivers across India. The lakes and rivers should be identified and children’s around the area should be provided reliable education similar to that of Varanasi boat school with the help of latest technology.

The authorities should encourage students currently learning in Varanasi Boat School to hand over the text books after the completion of the courses. This will help the school to reduce the cost associated with printing of text books every year. The money used for printing books can be utilized to replicate the school like Varanasi boat school all over India. Moreover, studnts hould themselves creat and publish content using the knowledge they have gained to help the future students to learn effectively.

The Varanasi boat school, which created an impact among the community, should encourage students to donate books for the library to help not only existing students but also future students to utilize them to expand the learning skills. The student name should be written on the book so that the book will not be misused by others.

Varanasi Boat School is creating a huge impact among the community since it change the way in which a student learn skills with activity, guides and practical sessions in a fun environment.

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