Jug in my life – #DearZindagi

It was in the year 2000 I joined a computer training center as a teaching staff. Initially, I had to travel long distance from my home but I enjoyed the bus journey. My first assignment was to teach Java programming to two fresh students. I established cordial friendships with them.

After few days, group of students joined for a batch of class. I still remember few of my friends among that group and this includes Ajo, Jeevan, Anish, Steve Satheesh. Ajo was very friendly with me. We used to have fun often like once in 2 days.

One day when I was going to work, Ajo boarded the same bus from another bus stand. He spotted me and we began to chat about the studies and other film related topics. He was a big fan of Salman Khan.

I still remember the one hour I waited outside my office since the receptionist arrived very late. Around the same time, Ajo also came there at correct time and we talked several matters related to studies and plans.

He used to always smile at me when I teach him lessons. He would ask doubts which are very hard for me. When it comes to practical classes, he will call me to explain various points. I still remember the day when he complained to me that the center owner refused to give Internet connectivity as promised.

When I had to resign the job due to health issues, it was Ajo who called me frequently. He even visited my house and mailed New Year greetings. When I attended a meeting organized my Microsoft, I invited him and he came to the hotel. We interacted very nicely for over two hours and shared information such as career plans and others. In fact, we went back to home jointly.

Ajo would call me once in every six months till he joined a company in UAE. He emailed me recently and asked for a possible meeting. Since I was busy with work, I could not fulfill his wish. Anyway, I will try to meet him next time.

Due to lack of smartphones, I was unable to capture photographs with Ajo. However, he had taken one photo during class time. But he never provided that photo to me. I will try to find him on Facebook and ask for that old photo. I am not sure if he still has access to the photo.

Even though I had several friends when I worked as a computer faculty, it as Ajo who provided excellent support. He was a great friend who cares for me a lot.

I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.

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