Book Review: Open-Eyed Meditations

Open-Eyed Meditations by the bestselling author Shubha Vilas revolves around excellent thoughts surrounding meditation. The book takes you on a wonderful journey to the past life, which brings a very secret stuff to cure a present trending problem. In addition to the story, you will also find few secret facts after finishing the book. The author has made an excellent attempt to unravel few undisclosed wealth’s in a clever way.

The book has been divided into 64 chapters. The first chapter talks about the importance of Yoga in communication. The author also talks about the five Pandavas and what they did in their life. The next chapter examines the analysis syndrome in detail. He talks about the two kinds of analysts and suggests which one to adopt.

The author then delves deep into the world of patience with reference of Krishna. He also talks about the importance of delayed management. In the next chapter, the author talks about the significance of taking important decisions in life. The author has given important points inside the box on Page 31.

You should note that some kind of spirituality is required to work properly. The next chapter just talks about it with various external and internal battles. The next chapter examines the steps required to solve the problem matrix. If you are cheated by someone in the past, you should read the next chapter since the author examines a topic similar to that.

The next section talks about the requirements of shopping. If you frequently shop either offline or online, try to read this chapter to get a nice overview. The very next chapter talks about relationships. If you think the talent you acquired is your enemy, you should check out the next chapter. Happiness is what you require in life. You will learn how to increase the quotient of happiness with this book.

We all celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 in one form or another. If you would like to know few secret tips for your Valentine, the next chapter is waiting for you on the book. The next two chapters examine how you should control opinions and decisions in real life including lessons from the lion. If you feel you are controlled by someone else, the next chapter will be beneficial for you.

If Information is important for you, then you should consider that transformation is also equally important in real-world. This chapter examines a law. You will know about the details if you read the book.

Do you want real love in kisses and gifts? If you are confused between with the choice you want to make, you should go through the Chapter 20 for a nice overview. If you are afraid to stay offline, you should go through Chapter 24. If you want to become infamous, you should go through Chapter 28.

Do you have any belief in horoscope? Are you aware of the horrors inside your horoscope? If you are interested to know more, you should read Chapter 32. The chapter 33 examines how you can really hurt the feelings of others without actually getting hurt. This is a difficult task, but if you read this chapter, you will know how to do it.

When should you cross the Loc in relationships? What is the correct time? You can find the answer to these questions in Chapter 34. Are you in love or relationship with others with conditions? You should navigate directly to Chapter 39 to find out the hidden conditions.

Instead of firing crackers and causing environmental hazards, why not you meditate during Diwali? You can read the various ways to meditate peacefully in Chapter 41. Do you want to know the seven secrets of innovation? You can learn them in detail in Chapter 43.

If you would like to know about other content covered in the book, you should read the book. The author has examined several important facts in the remaining chapters. I would suggest you buy the book and read the content.

The highlight of Open-Eyed Meditations is that each chapter ends with a core summary in box format with fancy corners. The book is not only an inspirational guide but also motivates you to work well in both your personal and work life.

Shubha Vilas brings in a wealth of experience to the table with this book. His writing style is absolutely brilliant in all aspects. If you are an avid reader of novels, Open-Eyed Meditations will surely take you to a new level.

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