Film music relaxes the body

We live under very stressful environment due to tight deadlines at the workplace. Moreover, the tension at home adds double effect to the problem. We have to find a way to relax so that our mind will find peace thereby increasing productivity.

Music is a great way to remove all your tensions. Music exists since the early days when black and white films became popular on the screen. Later, when film world migrated to color, we saw a plethora of great songs like “Kayi Mughe Jungili ka hai”. It is not possible for us to forget songs from the films of Dev Anand and Sashi Kapoor. I still preserve old tape cassettes and will listen to them during my free time.

The Tamil film industry is gifted with true legends like M.S. Viswanathan, Illayaraja, A.R. Rahman and others. They have produced excellent songs between1980 to 2005. If you listen to the songs sung by K.J. Yesudas and SPB, popularly known as SP. Balasubramanian, you will be surely immersed in a deep world which you can’t forget. I would suggest you to listen to the songs during sleep and you will be free of all tensions.

The “Ammawai” song sung by Yesudas is still a super hit in addition to songs composed by AR Rahman for the films Roja and Jeans. You will be amazed if you look at the beautiful song “Haira Haira Hairabba” in Jeans since it is not only pleasing to the ears but also include great digital effects. You should note that this song is composed and created when computers are in the infancy stage. Recently, Illayaraja himself composed and appeared in a song, which appeared in the Television.

The songs from the films of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan are still super hit among all sections of people. The “Atho Inda Paravai” song in which MGR appears is still a great hit. The songs in which Nagesh, veteran comedian appears are also a pleasure to watch coupled with his acrobatic actions.

If you follow Tamil films, you cannot forget the songs in which Superstar Rajanikanth appears. We can’t imagine the level of musical efforts put up by the legends to produce and deliver songs with accuracy.

You should note that old songs were composed manually without using any computers. But still those songs were super hit. However, we now have access to technology and fast computers but the quality of music in the new films are not up to the mark except few films. There are of course films which have great songs but we will not be able to dissect the meaning of the content in nearly 75% of films.

The Government should build a special website which should showcase videos of all the songs right from the 1950s to enable the current generation to learn the level of music involved in the songs.

It will also help younger generations to know about the existence of legendary songs. Moreover, local bodies should take steps to preserve the old films and cassettes by building a library exclusively for film music.

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