Come Let’s Play #EkNayiLeague

In India people are always excited about Cricket. As of the time of this writing, people are under IPL fever. However, legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev recently announced the launch of #EkNayiLeague, which I hope will bring college and school students under one roof. Kapil and his team will provide adequate resources, training and skills, which enable students to learn and master the skills associated with Cricket.

A Cricket club can be created in each and every college across various cities in India. I had seen students playing Cricket on the excellent ground located in Government Arts College, Trivandrum. The respective colleges can form small teams and students should be provided with Cricket kits with helmets, gloves, pads and other related products. This is because Cricket can be a fatal game if played without protection.

The colleges should appoint trainers to teach students with the fundamentals of Cricket. The students should learn how to face various types of balls. The colleges should conduct a 20-20 tournament with several teams. They can also provide short names to various teams. I would suggest colleges to form teams with girl students as well. Nowadays, girls have great will power, love and affection. Hence, a Cricket team comprising of girls will provide great strength of women empowerment. A leading film actress can be appointed as goodwill ambassador to motivate students.

In Trivandrum, there are colleges specifically meant for girls such as Government Women’s College, All Saints College. The management should provide training to those girls who are willing to learn Cricket. The team which wins the college tournament should play against boys in district, state and the ultimate #EkNayiLeague.

Kapil Dev is a well-known motivator and I hope he will be able to guide Cricket teams with girls effectively. The above mentioned formation of Cricket team can also be adopted for School students. Kapil Dev can choose 4 teams from various colleges and 4 from schools. They should play each other with sportsman spirit by visiting all major grounds in India. Kapil should try to hire former Indian players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Manoj Prabhakar in addition to film starts like Suresh Gopi, Soorya so that they will be able to guide and motivate students.

The main aim of #EkNayiLeague should be to promote love, affection and goodwill among various communities of people. There should be no discrimination in the selection of players. Kapil should provide the same level of training to poor students. The team should be formed in such a way that one team should be entirely consisting of five players from poor families and five from rich class. This enables people to judge who is the better player among the team.

#EkNayiLeague should cultivate mutual friendship and cooperation among both boys and girls. If the girl team win the #EkNayiLeague Cricket league then it will send a strong message to the masses that girls are equally better than boys.

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