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Microsoft Azure Availability on Demand (AoD) Announced

Availability on Demand (AoD) enables you to migrate physical, VMware, Hyper-V or AWS workloads into Microsoft Azure without any difficulty. According to official sources, thousands of customers registered for Migration Accelerator public preview. It had a great success and hence Microsoft has decided to spend more focus in this area. Moreover, Microsoft is working hard to improve the user interface of Migration Accelerator and integrating it into the AoD solution.

You can easily migrate live systems into Azure with AoD as a feature of Azure Site Recovery (ASR), which mainly perfoms as a live replication engine. You can also also initiate additional services provided by ASR such as DevTest, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Bursting with the help of the same user interface.

Availability on Demand

Microsoft has waived the first 31 days of ASR licensing for each system/asset such as DevTest, Cloud Bursting and Disaster Recovery replicated into Azure, which enable developers plenty of time to migrate assets into Azure.

In order to work with the above feature, you need to register and start migrating your VMware, Hyper-V, Physical and AWS workloads into Microsoft Azure using Azure Site Recovery.

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