combit Report Server – Data based Triggers, Defining Custom Relations and much more

We recently covered an article about combit Report Server with list of all new features. In this article, we will examine few more features.

Default Values for Report Parameters

Default parameters preconfigured in the combit Report Server Designer can now also be used directly in the Report Server, e.g. for planned reports. Previously, for reports utilizing report parameters, certain values were to be determined or configured in the Report Server.

Data-based Triggers

Changes in the data source trigger reports – or not, as the case may be. If a project filter in a report template does not supply any data, this report does not need to be distributed. This takes place via the interaction between multiple features in the Report Server in accordance with the principles of “data-driven-reporting”.

Improvements in the preview

Users can now easily perform exports directly from the combit Report Server preview. The configured export profiles will be used for this purpose. The PDF, RTF, HTML and Excel export profiles have also been revised and improved. For example, both transparent PNG images and Type 3 fonts are now supported for PDF exports. Thumbnails make it easy to maintain an overview, particularly for reports with multiple pages.This also helps users to navigate the report quickly and with greater precision.

Defining Custom Relations

Users can now define their own relations for displaying hierarchical structures in reports. All they need to do for this function is select the relevant tables and fields.

Specifying Schemas for SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle

Schemas refer to a type of category for tables/views in a database. By entering schema names separated by a comma, you can reduce the reduce the number of views and tables. This feature can provide a clearer overview and increase processing speed, particularly in huge databases.

In-Memory Mode for Data Sources

As a rule, the order of data entries is transferred from the data source. The in-memory mode for data sources of CSV file type and Excel file enables features such as sorting and grouping.

combit Report Server

combit customers can now choose between 3 different editions. The new Ultimate Edition expands on the features of the Enterprise Edition by enabling an unlimited number of users, which avoids the need for additional licenses.

combit Report Server is the browser-based perfect Business Intelligence solution for all kinds of data. The product contains a powerful report designer baseed on award-winning combit List & Label technology.

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