Introducing Stimulsoft Reports.JS

Stimulsoft Reports.JS has been released which enable report generation with the help of pure JavaScript and HTML5. It includes all the required components to design, edit and view reports. Stimulsoft Reports.JS can be used in any JavaScript application which significantly expands the list of supported devices from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS make use of JavaScript and HTML5 to design reports. Moreover, the report generator can also be used on the server to work in relation with Node.js. You will be able to design reports with lists, groups, images, animated charts and bar-codes. The latest release is backwards compatible with other Stimulsoft products.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS

Stimulsoft Reports.JS has a capability to work on various devices with different resolutions with support for mouse and touch input. You will be able to view reports in both computer, tablet or smartphone.

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