Google Bard Rebrands As Gemini: Revolutionizing AI Chatbot Services

Google has introduced its AI chatbot, Gemini, as a replacement for its short-lived Google Bard service. Gemini is touted by Google as the “most capable family of models” for natural conversations, offering two distinct experiences: Gemini Advanced and a mobile app.

Ultra 1.0 Unveiled

Gemini Advanced provides access to Ultra 1.0, Google’s acclaimed “largest and most capable state-of-the-art AI model.” In independent evaluations, third-party assessors favored Google Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 over alternatives in intricate tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration.

This AI serves as a personalized tutor, crafting individualized lessons and quizzes, particularly assisting developers with complex coding challenges. Gemini Advanced aims to inspire ideas and devise strategies for creators to expand their audiences.

Brilliant Coding Capabilities

Google has future plans to enhance Gemini Advanced’s capabilities, introducing exclusive features such as expanded multimodal interactions, interactive coding, deeper data analysis, and more. Currently available in over 150 countries in English, the service will soon support additional languages.

To address concerns around safety and bias, Google asserts that Gemini Advanced underwent extensive trust and safety checks, including external reviews. Additionally, Google has launched new mobile apps for Android and iOS, allowing users to access basic Gemini features on the go, seeking assistance with images, tasks, and more. The long-term vision is for Gemini to evolve into a comprehensive personal AI assistant.

The Gemini mobile apps are currently accessible in the US as a dedicated app on Android and within the Google app on iOS, supporting English conversations initially. Expansion to Japan and Korea is planned for the next week, followed by a gradual rollout to more countries and languages in the subsequent weeks. We expect the rollout of Google Gemini app globally within the next few days,

Google Gemini Advanced: Pricing & Availability

Google Gemini basic version is available for free. You can perform all activities just like any other AI chatbots. However, if you would like to explore advanced capabilities, you can try Google Gemini Advanced for Rs 2900 for two months. You will be billed only after two months with an option to cancel the payment.

Google Gemini Advanced is powered by Ultra 1.0 technology, which is the most capable AI model. The system will be able to understand, explain, and generate high-quality code in several programming languages. The Advanced version is suitable for highly complex tasks. Google also bundled 2TB Google One subscription with access to Photos, Drive, and Gmail. Gemini Advanced will be soon available in Gmail, Docs, and much more.

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