List & Label 20 Gets Better with Multiple Report Containers, Database Filtering and Enhancements

List & Label 20 has been released by Europe based combit with support for multiple report containers, which eliminates the need for workarounds. As a developer, you simply need to place your report containers wherever you want your tables and diagrams to appear such as dashboards or side-by-side reports.

List & Label 20 Report Containers

The latest release also provides an ability to filter at database level. This feature converts filter statements into native database queries. The SQL based data provider included with List & Label 20 make use of JOIN commands to support 1:1 relationships, which reduces the number of queries required for a filter statement.

The main advantage of 1:1 relationships feature is that it enables efficient use of network and server resources which in turn generates report in a faster way.

The HTML5 viewer included with List & Label 20 enables reporting in almost any browser including mobile devices. In order to work with HTML5 viewer, you require ASP.NET on the server side. The viewer providers support for interactive sorting, drilldown functionality, report parameters, incremental rendering, client printing, touch screen optimization in addition to ability to export reports in PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

List & Label 20 Export

The new report designer includes format painter, which enable users to easily copy settings such as font, color, back-ground and alignment from one object to another. Moreover, List & Label 20 also includes Office 2013 style ribbon with flat icons. According to official sources, this new style provides fresh and streamlined intuitive interface.

The new release has combined “Objects” and “Report structure” tool windows with its own toolbar. It enables significantly faster reporting compared to previous editions.

The new Checkbox Object offers a wide rage of visualizations for boolean values. Moreover, developers will be able to redo actions in the designer in addition to the undo functionality. The designer preview has been enhanced with a zoom slider in addition to an ability to expand and collapse multiple areas at the same time.

With the help of the improved XHTML Export mechanism included with List & Label 20, users will be able to rotate texts in 90 degree increments in addition to maintaining spacing between objects. According to combit, these new features enhance the display of individual pages.

combit has included a 64 bit option for the OLE object in the recently released List & Label 20. It is possible for the users to define the names of linked files using formulas. This new feature enables the application to automatically add files with timestamps generated at regular intervals.

The latest edition includes a new barcode optimization in collaboration with REA VERIFIER that device-aligns and optionally reduces the number of pixels which in turn improves the output quality.

With the help of List & Label 20, users will be able to design reports and export them directly to PowerPoint.  The latest release provides ability for the users to drill down using report parameters in tables and crosstabs in shapefiles, pie, donut and bar charts. Users now have the freedom to define which information should be displayed when end users select specific values in the preview.

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