Exploring the Datsun redi-GO

I have a passion to test drive new cars on the road soon after the launch. I was excited when I heard about Datsun redi-GO. The moment I saw the pictures, I decided to give it a try because of the special greenish smooth look. However, before deciding, I would like to explore the key features included with Datsun redi-GO.


The thing point to note when selecting a new car is its design. Datsun redi-GO features a stylish, compact and sleek design with an aggressive robust stance. Manufactured with the agile dynamic cabin and robust underbody construction, the Datsun redi-GO offers not only smooth but also sleek silhouette. The vehicle also features a lean and dynamic side character lines with a stylish instrument panel. Moreover, I saw that the silver touch adds a special beauty to the car with a premium look and feel.

The high-quality Datsun character grille provides a bold and classy style to the vehicle. Moreover, the gem-inspired chrome bezel and subtle honeycomb pattern form a perfect combination to sync perfectly with the Datsun badge.

The main attraction of Datsun redi-GO is the integration of the heightened stance. This will enable me to put head and shoulders in a comfortable manner. With this feature, I will be able to enjoy a wider view of the road and the nearby surroundings, which is essential for a long trip.

Lighting is an essential feature to look at when purchasing a new car. Datsun redi-GO features daytime running lamps to enable people to know when my vehicle is approaching the road. This feature will be useful during monsoon where skies will be darker during day time and will prevent accidents in the long run.

Moreover, the Datsun redi-GO includes elongated projector head lamps, which stretch virtually from the grille to the fender. This feature certainly keeps the redi-Go to stand apart from other cars.

Datsun has also integrated a stylish tail lamp which will automatically turn heads as you drive on the road. This lamp is designed to provide the car a modern look without sacrificing any functions.

I was really impressed with the design of Datsun redi-GO since the car is carefully manufactured by using premium materials in a sophisticated factory environment.


I have explored several cars before but none of them offers the above-mentioned design features. I am impressed by the kind of hard work put by the engineers to design a car with premium materials as per latest technology.


With Datsun redi-GO, I will be able to accommodate five people with additional luggage. Hence, I can take my entire cousin brothers and sisters for a weekend trip without space crunch. Datsun has added a digital tachometer, which not only provides a modern touch but also I will be able to know about the current fuel economy.

The ribbed fabric inside the car certainly provides a great traveling experience with premium comfort. Moreover, kids will not slip from top to bottom and as such I can accommodate them without worry.

Entertainment is essential while traveling long distance. I can now enjoy music from a wide range of devices, which includes radio, DVD, MP3, USB pen drives in addition to Apple first generation player, which is my favorite. The Aux-in support enables me to connect the device with the audio system.

Datsun redi-GO offers power windows with which you will be able to adjust window glasses and doors easily with a press of a button. I need not have to use my hand to operate the lock on the window panel.

I will be able to enjoy journey since Datsun has optimized air conditioner based on Indian weather conditions. It automatically predicts the amount of air circulation and adjusts the temperature levels. This feature will reduce the amount of fuel consumed by the system.

Moreover, the premium aluminum compressor assembly with integrated center AC vent ensures that 50% of the airflow is distributed to the passengers on the rear seat. Hence, even if I set on the front or back I will be able to enjoy the cool air.


When I travel for a long time, I look for comfort. This is because I will get pain upon sitting for a long time. With premium materials integrated on the seats, I am confident that I will get the amount of comfort I get when I travel for a long time.

Safety Features

When it comes to the selection of a new car, I verify the safety specifications of the vehicle in detail. If the safety features are compromised then it will lead to so-called Travel Paralysis (I myself coined this term).

However, I am sure Datsun will never disappoint me since redi-GO comes with performance augmented brakes and high strength/density body shell to absorb maximum impact. I hope this feature will help passengers to a great extent since the possibility of injury is minimal.

Datsun redi-GO also incorporates powerful body structure for optimized torsional rigidity and stiffness, enhanced frontal offset crash mechanism. Moreover, the car is fully compliant with UN94 crash performance standards.

Equipped with high bolster support while cornering, the redi-GO manufactured by Datsun features energy absorbing steering and airbag. Furthermore, the adaptive electric power steering included with the car enables you to achieve high manoeuver ability at low speeds and stability at high speeds.


Even if you buy a car worth Rs. 5 lakh, it will not be useful if there is a lack of safety measures. Datsun has taken care to implement excellent safety measures to provide an enhanced overall travel experience. I am sure I will not have to face any difficulty in tough Indian roads if I drive with redi-GO.

I would like to test drive Datsun redi-GO in Trivandrum. I will probably select a school ground during either early morning or late evening.

I would like to check the efficiency of the engine integrated with the car, safety aspects including the working of air conditioner inside the car. I will also touch the exterior portions to see how smooth they are including the quality of the seating on the front and back side. Music is my passion and hence I will play few songs from Malayalam and Tamil movies to see the sound effect and bass produced by the speakers.

I am sure Datsun redi-GO will enable me to beat urban driving blues because of the advanced features integrated inside the car. Moreover, the wide-angle window helps me to view tall buildings during traffic stoppages. The unique lighting system integrated with the car provides adequate safety measures during both day and night not only for myself but also for pedestrians on the road.

The new Datsun redi-GO will be very useful for budget conscious people. I will be able to take advantage of all the above features within Rs. 3.5 lakhs. Even though the entry level redi-Go is available for Rs. 2.5 lakh, I will certainly opt for a higher model since it will have all the specified features. Moreover, I need not have to visit the nearest dealer but can book via Snapdeal right away.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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