combit Report Server 3 with Ad-hoc Designer released at $2793

combit Report Server 3 has been released with the new ad-hoc Designer, server-side printing, and conditional formatting. It features a wide range of features while simultaneously improving usability. With more than 20 new features, you will be able to create reports that are more flexible and easily than before. Moreover, you can make the reports visually appealing.

Commenting on the release, Alexander Horak, Head of Development combit Report Server revealed that recent recognition by the independent Experton Group motivates us even moreand shows that we are on the right path with the development of the Report Server. The new version has been a great success.

Feature Highlights of combit Report Server 3

Ad-hoc Designer

Design assistants help users rapidly create lists and charts independent of the Report Server Designer. For more complex tasks, it is possible to switch over to the powerful Report Server Designer at any time.

Server-Side Printing

Reports can now be printed on one or more printers that are connected directly to the server. With a single click, they are available in the export profiles. Subsequently, various export formats can be configured with different settings.

Query Assistant

The Query Assistant allows to effortlessly create queries which can be converted into SQL queries. MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL/MariaDB are supported. The use of this feature doesn’t require any knowledge of SQL.

New Report Template: Invoice

This report template type allows to define the data in the master table as variables. A table with the details then appears below. Typical application scenarios for this template include invoices, order confirmations, delivery slips, etc.

New Data Sources

combit Report Server now also provides interfaces for the following data sources: Microsoft SharePoint, Cassandra, and MariaDB. The Google Analytics interface allows now to utilize the analysis of website’s data traffic in reports.

Nested Tables

The Report Server Designer now also allows to list e.g. the corresponding products and their revenues next to the category. Nested tables make this and other new options possible. Tables in columns can even contain sub-tables.

Conditional Formatting

Properties such as colors, font attributes, formatting and borders can be made dependent on a single value. A typical example: Targets that have been met are displayed in green. In combit Report Server 3, conditional formatting is now straightforward – without complicated conditions.

Digital Signature Field for PDF Export

PDFs can now contain a field for a digital signature or a digital certificate. A click on the signature field is all you need to trigger the signing process.

To add variables to existing paragraphs, simply drag & drop variables on them. Tables can also be created in the blink of an eye by selecting fields and dragging them to the workspace.

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