Together with Guru

I had a surprise visitor on March 7, 2015 at around 8.45 PM. I was really surprised to see Guru, who is our family friend. I never met him since last 2 years. I know Guru very well since my childhood days. He first visited my house way back in 1990’s when he came to join a reputed airline company as finance officer.

Guru came inside my house and occupied a chair without arms. I asked him to change the chair so that he can relax. Guru told me that it is not a problem and he feels comfortable with the chair. He talked about the whereabouts of my father, who was not present at the time of his arrival. I told him that he went to see my grandmother.

Guru informed me that he visited my grandmother in January. I asked whether she talked with him. Guru informed me that my grandmother wrongly recognized him as his elder brother. Guru told he was with my grandmother for over an hour since he was on the way to attend a marriage ceremony.

My mother talked with Guru for some time and enquired about his wife and child. Guru told his daughter is learning Bharatanatyam and will soon perform Arangetram. I asked his about the approximate cost for conducting a first dance performance. Guru told it will depend upon requirements of each individual.

My mother then asked Guru about his elder brother’s wife who is bed ridden. Guru told there is no improvement but she is confident of getting back to normalcy. Guru told God will help her since she has helped a lot of persons prior to illness.

I asked Guru about the purpose of the visit. Guru told he reached my place on the way to attend a marriage function. Guru told me that he reached on the day of the famous Attukal Pongala and he walked from railway station to his hotel. Guru told he has snapped several pictures of women offering Pongala. Guru told me that he also went to Attukal temple.

I asked Guru whether he had dinner. My mother told him that she will prepare food for him. He told with a smile that he has already taken it on the way and he is directly going to hotel for a deep sleep. Guru told me that he has to catch an early morning train to another location to attend a marriage function.

I asked Guru about his work. He told he is employed with the same private company. I asked him to give a copy of his visiting card since I forgot his email address. I told him that I will periodically send email messages so that our friendship will remain intact. Guru told me that he has a copy of an old photo which he took when he first visited us and will email it after reaching his home.

Guru is from Chennai and I asked about the political climate in Tamil Nadu. He told me not to bother about that and asked me to concentrate on my work with a positive mind. Guru told me that I can achieve success in life only by hard work, dedication and passion.

Guru opened the door and told myself and my mother good night. I asked him if he is going to meet another friend. He told he will probably meet him on the way.

Guru worked really hard to come up in life. He lost several jobs but he remained cool and found employment which is better than the previous jobs.

I consider Guru’s recent visit to my house as a memorable day. In addition to routine sharing of past memories, he shared lot of tips, which I hope will definitely improve my productivity and life style.

Guru told me to always try a lot so that I will be able to achieve success. He also told me that I will face bad times but I should consider it as a door for the upcoming good times.

Guru’s presence motivates me very much.

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