Honest and Capable Jacob Thomas IPS Forced to Run by Politicians

We all know that there are honest and capable IAS/IPS officers who work with dedication and passion. However, the officers face a lot of problems during the implementation of policies. If they do a work, their political bosses will not like it. They will most likely conflict with political leaders, who will not be interested in listening to feedback provided by he civil service officers.

Jacob Thomas IPS, was serving as Director General of Police (DGP) in the Kerala fire and safety department. It is learnt that builders applied for granting of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the housing projects which are finalized.

The police officer investigated the safety norms which are followed by builders and subsequently denied permission for as many as 50+ project sites. His action irked builders and they complained to political bosses particularly Chief Minister against the officer.

Jacob Thomas was immediately transferred to another low key department. The media revealed the whole plot played behind to oust an honest police officer.

A top political leader told media that this officer created a whole lot of problems and he was removed following written complaint from builders. However, this news was found to be bogus as per RTI reply.

Towards the end of October, a vigilance court passed orders to continue the investigation in the on-going bar bribery case. The court made severe remarks against the then vigilance director. The police officer, Jacob Thomas immediately appeared before media and informed that ‘Truth has prevailed’.

The IPS association members met and passed a resolution which supported the actions of the vigilance director against whom the court has passed orders.

Mr. Thomas was served with a show cause notice asking him to explain why he has spoken like that. The chief secretary, as per the orders of his political masters, has issued three notices for the honest and bold actions taken the police officer.

Jacob Thomas has been demoted to a post which was occupied by the rank of ADGP. However, he continues his journey against rampant corruption prevailing in our country. He also delivered an excellent lecture recently demonstrating the whole scenario behind corruption.

To show revenge against Jacob Thomas IPS, a local congress leader filed an application before Lokayutha against this honest police officer. It is most certain that the leader got the backing of top political bosses.

Manorama News has selected Jacob Thomas IPS for the Newsmaker 2015 award. He is in the race along with three others. He also appeared before the Television and explained his stand clearly in a debate spanning one hour.

I voted for him since the country requires honest and capable officers like Jacob Thomas IPS. He is definitely a big source of inspiration for the emerging civil servants.

The ruling government will continue to avoid honest civil servants like Jacob Thomas, to occupy prime positions because of their straightforwardness. However, actions done by such capable officers will be marked in bold colours for the future generations to learn.

There are honest officers like Raju Narayanaswamy in Kerala who never got an opportunity to work in a department which requires maximum people attention. Political leaders don’t like him because he never signs any files without studying in detail.

Moreover, Mr. Rishiraj Singh was appointed in Prisons department instead of Vigilance, which he expected. This is because he is honest, capable and will expose those who do corruption.

The practice of shifting and tarnishing the image of honest civil servants is being followed by politicians since last 25+ years.

We want to change this attitude of political leaders by #SpreadTheVibe. Otherwise, we will have to read news related to various corruption cases and scams every day.


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