Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2015 SP1 Released

Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2015 SP1 has been released and is available for download. Telerik has added CodedUI support for Visual Studio 2015 and also introduced UpdateTextOnLostFocus dependency property in ComboBox.

The new RadGridVIew property included with Telerik UI, IsPropertyChangedAggregationEnabled enable developers to alternate between two modes for handling PropertyChanged in GridView. If enabled, it will enable an internal optimization that handles the PropertyChanged event occurrences on a fixed time period. This feature provides improved rendering performance for multiple simultaneous updates.

“Disabling it should free the resources that are taken by the timer, forcing RadGridView to process each occurrence separately,” says Hristo Maradjiev, Unit Manager, Telerik XAML Team.

The Microsoft controls includes validation tooltip for the native CheckBox in all themes. The NumericUpDown control included with Telerik UI suite consists of two new properties such as ReadOnly and UpdateValueToMatchTextOnLostFocus.

Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight Q2 2015 SP1

Telerik has enahnced the initial loading time for RichTextBox and also introduced PdfSettings property in PdfExportSettings class, which is mainly used to specify settings when a workbook is exported to PDF.

You can check out live demos of WPF and Silverlight controls. Moreover, you can also post feedback for improvements and the product team will incorporate them if needed.

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