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Azure Preview Portal Adds Web App Create, Performance Enhancements, App Service Plan Lens and Java Version Selector

Azure Preview Portal has been updated with new features. The web app create experience has been streamlined so that it run faster than before. You can easily create a new web app by simply providing a name for it. You will also notice that App service plan properties are logically grouped.

New web App Create experience

The performance of web app blade has been improved significantly which enables you to navigate easily in addition to reliable resource blade loading and a better overall experience. Microsoft has also improved telemetry which allows developers to identify and proactively fix new performance bottlenecks or regressions.

Microsoft has also introduced App Service Plan lens which includes a direct link to open the App Service plan blade.

App Service plan lens

The new Tools menu added to the action bar in the Azure Preview Portal enables you to access menus such as Troubleshoot and ARM Explorer, which were difficult to find previously.

New web App Create experience

The newly added Java version selector inside Azure Preview Portal provides an ability to configure the major and ninor version as well as the container. Moreover, the app service environment resource blade includes metrics graphs, which enables you to monitor utilization across your worker pools.

With the help of new updates to Azure Preview Portal, you will be able to create App Service Environments into smaller subnets, which was requested by many customers.

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