Book Review – Murach’s C# 2015

Murach’s C# 2015, authored by Anne Boehm and Joel Murach consists of 6 sections divided into several chapters. The chapter 1 helps you to learn the fundamentals of Visual Studio. While chapter 2 examines the steps required to design a Windows Forms application, Chapter 3 enables you to code and test a Windows Forms application.

In section 2 of Murach’s C# 2015, chapters 4 to 9 examines the usage of numeric data, string data, control structures, methods, event handlers, exceptions, data validation, arrays, collections, dates and string. The chapter 10 examines some of the advanced skills required for working with Windows forms and controls. The final chapter in this section examines the steps required to debug an application.

In Section 3, you will learn the basic concepts of OOP involved with C# related to classes, indexers, delegates, events, operators, inheritance, interfaces, generics including the steps required organize and mange classes.

Databases form part and parcel of every .NET application. The authors provide a basic introduction to database programming in addition to usage of data sources, datasets, bound controls, parameterized queries. You will also learn the steps required to write your own data access code using ADO.NET. The first two chapters in section 5 enables you to work with files, data streams, XML files, LINQ and entity framework.

In page 415 of Murach’s C# 2015, the authors have included the required source code which illustrate the usage of indexers. The author has discussed the basic purpose of polymorphism in Page 452.

In contrast to previous editions, the authors have devoted a chapter that examines the different ways to enhance the user interface. The final chapter helps you to deploy a C# application using XCopy, ClickOnce and InstallShield.

Each section in Murach’s C# 2015 book begins with a detailed description followed by screenshots, source code and description in bulleted formats. The authors has used uniform layout for each section, which is the specialty of books published by Murach.

The publisher has already uploaded two sample chapters of Murach’s C# 2015¬†and the required source code including exercise files, which can be downloaded from the book page. Moreover, the publisher also provides free training CD for instructors for classroom training purposes.

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