Microsoft Open Sourced Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools

Microsoft has announced that the company has open sourced the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools on GitHub. Released in 2010, Productivity Power Tools is a pack of powerful extensions to improve developer productivity including Ctrl+Click Go to Definition, Copy As HTML, and Middle Click Scroll, just to name a few.

Ever since Productivity Power Tools was released, it was continuously updated along with every major Visual Studio release and a number of features that started out as part of the Productivity Power Tools are now core features of Visual Studio.

Microsoft considers that making available the current set of tools available to the community is important to not only the company but also the product team. It will also inspire developers to find examples regarding the development of the extensions of their own.

The GitHub repository contains a subset of all extensions in Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015. Some
extensions, however, are not yet ready to be open-sourced but Microsoft is working on making all of them available over time.

Microsoft also requests contributions in the form of extensions, bug fixes and feedback on GitHub provided the contributions should follow the standard rules laid down in the contribution process.

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