Book Review: Murach’s Java Programming

Java is an excellent programming language. I had worked with Java long time back. Murach’s Java Programming by Joel Murach is a popular book which enables you to learn all the concepts associated with the language. The book is divided into six sections comprising of 23 chapters.

The book begins with a short introduction to Java. You will learn the steps required to write your first Java application. The author also examines the use of primitive data types, coding control statements, methods, exceptions including data validation. The last chapter examines the concepts related to testing, debugging and deployment of a Java application.

In section 2, you will learn the usage of classes, inheritance in addition to interfaces. There is a surprise left for you in Chapter 10 since it teaches additional object oriented programming skills.

The section 3 of Murach’s Java Programming examines the concepts related to arrays, collections, generics, strings, date, time, file I/O and exceptions. If you already have knowledge in Java and requires to learn the advanced topics, you should swap to Section 4. The chapters discuss how to work with JavaFX, Swing and additional Swing controls.

If you need to take full advantage of Java, you need to learn databases since it plays a vital role in the development of applications. The author provides a short introduction to SQLite including the required steps to make use of JDBC.

In Section 6, you will learn the concepts related to lambda expressions, streams, and threads. These chapters will be useful for advanced programmers. The book also includes two appendix that provides a detailed coverage of working with Java in both Windows and Mac OS X.

The highlight of books published by Murach is that the chapters follow uniform standards, which will help you to grasp the content easily. Each chapter begins with a short introduction followed by code and information in tabular format. The author provides the required description related to the code in bulleted format.

Murach’s Java Programming will be useful for imparting training to students and employees. The companion exercises included at the end of each chapter helps you to access the knowledge. The publisher also supplies Instructor CD, which contains multiple choice questions and presentation slides.

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