Book Review – Murach’s jQuery (2nd Edition)

Murach’s jQuery is divided into 5 sections consisting of several chapters. Section 1 provides a brief introduction to web development in addition to a coverage of JavaScript subset for jQuery users. You will also learn the steps required to script the DOM with JavaScript including testing and debugging a JavaScript or jQuery application.

The chapters in Section 2 examines the use of effects, animations, forms, data validation, DOM manipulation and traversal methods. You will also learn how to get start with jQuery in the fastest possible way.

Section 3 provides a detailed coverage UI themes and widgets used with jQuery. The chapter will also enable you to learn the usage of jQuery UI interactions and effects. In section 4, you will learn the steps required to work with Ajax, JSON, Flickr, Google Maps API in addition to HTML5 APIs.

The chapters in the final section of Murach’s jQuery book help you to work with jQuery Mobile. You will also learn the techniques required to enhance a jQuery mobile website.

In Page 172, you will learn the required steps to create an email list application using jQuery with the help of screenshots and source code. In Page 398, you will learn the usage of Ajax with Flickr.

The author discusses the steps required to create a mobile website for a fictitious company with detailed explanation and screenshots in page 498. However, in page 532, the author examines the steps required to be followed to enhance the demo mobile website that was created earlier.

Murach’s jQuery consists of three appendixes, which helps you to install the required software and samples for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. In page 542, you will learn about the usage of Aptana Studio 3 with the download URL for both Windows and Mac OS.

While Appendix B covers the summary of the applications used in the book, Appendix C provides a coverage about resolving $ conflicts.

You can download sample chapter and source codes used in the book from the official website of the publisher.

Murach’s jQuery can be used as a training material for courses spanning over 6 months. Murach also provides Instructor CD, which contains slides and exercises upon request.

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