Microsoft Adds New Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server Features Timeline

Microsoft is always finding ways to communicate effectively with customers by keeping them informed of the latest developments. They often conduct surveys which gauge what people like and don’t like, what features they would like to see in future releases. Microsoft also provides frequent updates about future roadmap.

In order to fulfil the above objective, Microsoft added a Features Timeline page to News section of

Microsoft recently updated Features Timeline page with a new “Features under development” section. The main purpose of this new feature is that it gives you an insight into some of the things we are working on.

The new section provides a concise view of some of our key investments with links to UserVoice items and blog posts. Brian posted that new features will be added frequently.

Features under development

As you can see in the above figure, the left hand column shows the rough timeframe that it will be available on VS Online. On the other hand, the right hand side columns shows the TFS on-premises release we expect the feature in.

Moreover, Visual Studio UserVoice is the great way for not only submitting suggestions but also voting on others.

“Many of the things we do are in UserVoice suggestions but some aren’t,” said Brian Harry, Microsoft Technical Fellow.

As a developer, you can expect more improvements to Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server.

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