Visual Studio Online Adds New Features

Microsoft has announced series of improvements to Visual Studio Online, which includes support for multi-select items on the product backlog. You will be able to select multiple items using shift – click combination and perform all the required actions in the context menu.

Microsoft is working on a new feature with which you will be able to enable drag operations on multiple items. You will be able to reorder cards when changing columns. It is now possible to modify the color and style of title text in addition to adding color to specific tags.

You can test drive this new feature by clicking the gear icon. It is also possible to format title text under “Styles” and color tags under “Tag colors”.

Visual Studio Online

You can now download libraries for Visual Studio Online integration at Nuget, which contain libraries related to work item tracking, version control, build and other services. These package replace the traditional TFS Client OM installer and make it easy to acquire and redistribute the libraries needed by your app or service.

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