Scrum Alliance Added Qualifications Program Completed by First Set of Participants

Scrum Alliance has announced that the first 50 participants have successfully completed Scaling Scrum Fundamentals, which is the first course offered in the new Scrum Alliance Added Qualifications Program. The program was launched in February 2015 to a global community of 4,00,000 lakh members worldwide.

Scrum Alliance Added Qualifications Program is a certificate-based training program which is offered to cover valuable, complex, business-critical topics. The first course was titled Scaling Scrum Fundamentals and was conducted in various locations in United Stated and abroad. Scrum Alliance is planning to introduce new additional courses both in USA and globally. Scrum also announced that the next course will be named – Agile Leadership and will be delivered in 2016.

Scrum Alliance Added Qualifications Program

“We are very excited to see this new course take off so well in just the past few months. We listened to our community and delivered the course they told us they were most interested in taking first,” said Scrum Alliance CEO Manny Gonzalez.

“Scrum Alliance Added Qualifications Program aligns with what our community wants. Scrum Alliance is committed to helping Scrum professionals add more depth to their Scrum experience and be more competitive in the ever-adapting Agile work environment,” said Gonzalez.

The main mission of Scrum Alliance is to transform the world of work by guiding organizations to become prosperous and sustainable, to inspire people and to create value for society. The Added Qualifications program is the next step in our evolution to deliver on that mission.

Scrum Alliance is the largest, established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community.

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