Create AI Images with Google Bard: Check out how

Google Bard has been upgraded with the ability to create stunning AI images. Just like Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator, you can now create captivating and attractive AI images via Google Bard. The main highlight of Google Bard Image Creator is that you can create unlimited AI images without any tokens and credits. In this article, you will learn how to create AI images with Google Bard.

To create AI images with Google Bard, you should navigate to You will view a dashboard as shown below

The left side of the dashboard will display your recent prompts. Google Bard will also display location on the bottom left side. You should provide a relevant prompt on the “Enter a prompt here” textbox. The aim is to create image. Hence, your prompt should start with a prompt like “create a image of a person standing before a 100 storyed skyscraper“. Google Bard will generate images as shown below

You can create more images by selecting “Generate more” option.

If you select an image, Google Bard will display a dashboard with the selected image as shown below.

You can download the displayed active image in full size by selecting the “Download full size” icon located on the top right side.

The image in full-size format will be downloaded. You can then save the image to a desired destination and share it on social media. You can also create images for your blog posts as well. In this way, you can create unlimited AI images without worrying about credits. The only point to note is that you should make use of the Google Bard image generation functionality responsibly.

Google Bard’s image generation capability is powered by the updated Imagen 2 model, which is designed to balance quality and speed. This technology will deliver high-quality and photorealistic outputs. Google Bard generates custom visuals that will bring your ideas to life.

Google also revealed that image generation is designed with responsibility in mind based on AI principles.Google Bard makes use of SynthID to digitally embed identifiable watermarks into the generated image pixels. The system blocks violent, offensive, and sexually explicit content. The filters are applied to prevent Google Bard from generating images of named people. Google plans to continue investment to enhance the safefy of the image generation models.


It’s easy to create AI Images with Google Bard. You just need to login and provide the relevant prompt. The AI engine generates two images initially but you can ask the chatbot to generate additional images. Google has adopted advanced filters to prevent users from creating offensive images. With the help of Google Bard image generation functionality, you can generate real-world generalized images.

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