Visual Stock Screener Released to Help Investors Visually Identify Quality Dividend Stocks

Visual Stock Screener has been released by InformedTrades. It is a stock screener which allows investors and traders to screen for US-listed stocks against a variety of attributes, and then see the tickers that meet the criteria specified by the filters plotted visually.

The screener is primarily oriented towards income investors at the moment, as the y-axis measures the dividend yield while filtering allows for traders to select criteria that are primarily of interest to dividend seeking investors. As the user adjusts the filter inputs, the plot updates dynamically to reflect the stocks that meet the criteria specified.

Visual Stock Screener

As of the time of this writing, beta version of Visual Stock Screener is available. However, the company is planning to add following features in the upcoming versions

  • Allowing stocks to be filtered on segment
  • Including data on indices to be calculated
  • Creating a pre-built portfolio of stocks available through Motif Investing
  • Automatically identifying statistical aberrations
  • The ability to track and visualize one’s performance
  • Allow sophisticated traders/investors to customize what metrics and dimensions of stocks they wish to plot when screening
  • Creating customized versions of the screener for funds, research organizations, and brokerages that allow them to visualize their unique data and insights

Visual Stock Screener is a software which enable investors to know about the stock details quickly.

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