Typemock Isolator Version 8.5 for .NET released with support for Visual Studio Team Services

Typemock has announced the release of Typemock Isolator Version 8.5 for .NET. The new release ships with several new features, which includes support for VSTS. As a developer and tester, you will be able to run suggested text in a self-service sandboxed environment.

The new Typemock extension consists of two tasks. The SmartRunner is a unit test runner that can run NUnit and MSTest based tests. It can handle the deployment of Typemock Isolator, and can run on both Shared and On Premises Agents. Meanwhile, Typemock with VSTest acts as a wrapper, which enables Typemock Isolator to run tests via VSTest.

Commenting on the release, Eli Lopian, the Founder and CEO of Typemock revealed that they are not going to allow you to make a mistake.

The company created Typemock Isolator Version 8.5 for .NET and an environment where our users fall into the pit of success. Isolator has developed into a highly stable, intuitive, and high standard solution that guides you to create, clean, error-free code.

In addition to Typemock’s VSTS support, the new release also includes Insight. It is a revolutionary feature which provides the developer with instant test analysis. This enables you to know if a method was faked or if the test used an unfaked instance.

Some of the new features included with Typemock Isolator Version 8.5 for .NET are Asynchronous tests support, API for hidden base methods and SmartRunner. It comes with a shadow copy support and runs x32 and x64 tests simultaneously.

The main purpose of unit testing is to ensure that each individual part of a program is working correctly. Moreover, Unit testing enables you to discover problems early. It not only simplifies integration but also enables you to create improved documentation of the overall software build. The unit testing is also the main backbone of Agile, which enables rapid change of software.

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