Top 2 ASP.NET Content Management Systems

If you would like to create a full blown website, you need a reliable software using which you can publish and manage content. This software is popularly called as Content Management System (CMS). You should select a CMS based on your requirement. If your requirement is simply to create a blog type content, you can make use of WordPress, which works in both Linux and Windows. However, there are companies who only depend upon a comprehensive CMS. This article examines the top 2 ASP.NET based content management system.

Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS includes complete set of integrated solutions which includes Web Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce, Online Communities, Intranet and Collaboration. You will be able to build a complete website for your community with the help of the CMS. With the help of the modules provided by Kentico, developers will be able to cut web development time by half.

Kentico CMS

The online communities solution included with Kentico delivers tools to create, manage and integrate communities that drive qualified traffic, bring unique customer insights and encourage conversation about your brand. As of the time of this writing, Kentico is powering more than 25000 websites across 90 countries supported by partners, technology providers and MVPs.


DotNetNuke is a highly powerful ASP.NET CMS with a wide range of features. DNN Platform is completely open source and consists of all the features which are required for successfully running a website. Evoq Content is a paid ASP.NET content management system created for those users who require more features such as mobile friendly site, SEO, content analytics and asset management.

Evoq Content

With the help of Evoq Content, you will be able to create and manage content, pages and other digital assets very easily and quickly. You will be able to make use of Evoq’s pre-built layouts or create your own and save it as a template for easy re-use. It is also possible to drag and drop into the page and make use of slider to resize copy blocks. The CMS has an ability to resize and crop images on the page without any need an external image editor. In addition to the above mentioned features, DNN Software includes following features

  • Centralized Digital Asset Management
  • Visual, Drag and Drop Page Management
  • Content Author Management
  • Content Workflow Management
  • Cross-site Content Sharing
  • Version Tracking
  • Sharepoint Connector

Some of the popular ASP.NET content management systems are Umbraco, SageFrame, Mojoportal, Orchard and Composite C1. While some of them are free, majority of ASP.NET CMS are paid.

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