Hug – Ultimate Gift a Father Can Get

I still remember the day when I reached school along with my father. He dropped me for the first standard class. I cried when I was in the school desk. I remember my father was standing outside. My father was present in the school till 12.30 PM, when the school was closed. Those days, schools will function only half day on the first day. I used to bite and blood came from the fingers. My father asked why I did so. I again cried and hugged my father. He then consoled me and asked not to cry.

I often become unwell from time to time. I suffered Epileptic seizure when I was a kid. My father immediately took me to the nearby hospital and was with me till recovery. I hugged my father after I returned home since I was unable to bear the trauma. I hope my father should also felt calm when I hugged. He then used to accompany me for routine check-ups. I always depend upon my father and I feel a hug will be an ideal gift for my father.

I passed out in second class in pre university course. I was depressed that I could not join a college. However, my father consoled me and asked me to join distance education. I passed out in first class after three years and I thanked and hugged my father. It was an unforgettable moment since securing good marks in education is important.

I underwent a surgery in 1997 and I suffered a lot. It was my father who gave me strength to recover from the illness. He was my bed side for long time and I touched him several times. He asked me to stay calm and gave confidence. From my point of view, even touching gives warmth of hug.

In 2002, I was again admitted to a hospital for Jaundice. I suffered from severe stomach pain for several days and was admitted to Critical Care Unit. My father used to visit me twice a day and enquire about my health by touching. I wanted him to hug but could not since I was unable to get up from the bed. I never thought I will recover from the illness but my father prayed a lot. Hence, I recovered and returned to home within 15 days.

I suffered lot of ups and downs in life. It was my father who gave me great strength and motivation and he enjoyed it thoroughly with my touch and hug. I feel that if I hug my father it would give a great satisfaction to both myself and ultimately to my father.

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