Book Review: The Curse of Nader Shah

The Curse of Nader Shah by Sutapa Basu is a gripping tale about the rise and fall of a popular emperor. Authored by Sutapa Basu, The Curse of Nader Shah takes you to several characters over the span of 35 chapters. The book examines characters such as Genghis Kahan and his wife told something about him. You will witness few advisers appearing on the story plot and there is also a reference about how many people have been camped at the destination.

The next chapter takes you back to 1736 AD, where the commander of the Persian armies takes over the charge. A character named Abraham appears on the picture on The Curse of Nader Shah and he seems to be looking against the bright sunlight. Do you want to know the style of the commander? You should refer to chapter 2. The father of the girls seems to be missing and Nader is asking his whereabouts. It seems that sharp weapons were carried by the executioners.

The delegates gathered and formed a group probably to assault the enemies. The events that followed the gathering turned out to be interesting and gripping. The storyline discusses the kind of entertainment that underwent among the crowds. Nader did something to his wife and you should read the book to find out the real fact.

The Curse of Nader Shah book

The Curse of Nader Shah then travels to Ali qapu palace where some interesting thing happens after including romantic encounters. A boon was performed at a mosque and you should read the book to find out more. Moreover, an important event was celebrated near Kandahar.

The author has provided a poem before the start of the 6th chapter in The Curse of Nader Shah. A horseman appears on the story and he had to fight hard to conquer inside. The story is short and you will find it interesting. Someone has bowed down before Nader Shah after that and the entire plot sounds gripping. You will have to read the remaining part of the novel at regular intervals. It’s not possible to finish the novel at a single stretch. Nader’s chair color clashed with something and you can find it out from Chapter 9.

The story then delves deep int the involvement of the Persian Army and its impact on the Nader Shah. You will know the real reasons for the loss of spirit among the Mughal soldiers in the upcoming chapters. The characters like Khan Dowran and Saadat Khan appear on the plot with a gripping plot. A group of several horsemen divided into two groups appears on the scene to encounter with the enemy forces. Does it bring victory? You have to find it out by reading the book.

Firuzeh commands Saleh Khan and the story continues with the strong plot. A rude word was used against Rajput and it should have been avoided to create a peaceful atmosphere. Nader then enters Delhi surrounded by guards but the people behaved in a different way. The horror story appears in the middle of the plot and it’s intriguing. The Persian Army marched to various places via a famous river and the story reaches its end. However, the gripping plot continues and you should require patience to read the entire book. The story ends with reference to blood and the horrific effects after that.

The Curse of Nader Shah is an excellent fiction novel with a powerful story plot. The rise and fall of Nader Shah have been clearly depicted by Sutapa Basu. You need to spend a longer time to understand the story in each chapter. The book will be useful for chronic function lovers who would like to read a gripping story tale during vacation time. If you are a traveller and loves to read hot fiction tales, you should carry the book with you.

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