Lanie Learns to Code by Helena Ingram Ignites Interest in Coding

Helena Ingram has announced the availability of her flagship book Lanie Learns to Code on Kickstarter starting November 2. The Lanie Learns to Code will enable learners to connect the dots between computer languages and applications.

The Lanie Learns to Code encourages children to become interested in learning to code at an early age and does so in a fun and engaging way. Helena is in the senior school but wants to integrate her experiences with others in the form of the book.

The Lanie Learns to Code examines the heart-warming story about a little girl, her best friend, Charlie, and their successful attempt to find her lost dog with the help of their coding teacher. According to Helena, the book is all set to become an all-time favorite. The book is exclusively written to excite kids to learn more about coding and to help them understand the significant role it can play in their daily lives.

Helena revealed that there are so many reasons kids should explore digital learning. She is of the opinion that the coding helps children develop valuable skills in life that they can make use of including their future. Even though children learn about different technologies, they are not really taught how it relates to their daily lives.

The coding helps kids to improve writing and mathematical skills. Helena added that children should learn coding early in their lives. This will enable them to get better opportunities to succeed not only in their personal but also professional lives. Lanie Learns to Code will provide a path toward these worthy goals.

Learning how to code plays a vital role in improving the way children think. To be able to code, they exercise both their logical and creative thinking skills. Learning to code allows children to explore and experiment. This skill will help give them the confidence they need to solve critical problems.

If your child is maintaining a library, then it is imperative to have Lanie Learns to Code inside the shelves. The book will be useful for kids to code at an early age and to set a clear path for a better and brighter future.

Helena Ingram is the author of Lanie Learns to Code, which she wrote when she was a senior in high school. Her goal is to encourage children to become interested in STEM. Moreover, she is working hard to help kids understand the usefulness of coding and computer science for a better future.

The Lanie Learns to Code authored by Helena Ingram will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting November 2. You have to place your order and the book will be shipped after the completion of the crowdfunding process. Meanwhile, you can provide your email address for offers and discounts ahead of the Kickstarter launch.

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