Sam Altman Challenges Elon Musk’s Grok with ChatGPT’s Humorous Spin

Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI has taken a dig at Elon Muk’s AI platform named as Grok. Sam took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared a screenshot of ChatGPT’s latest version using which you can create fully-customized AI chatbots called GPTs. The GPT Builder included with the new ChatGPT initially shares a welcome message. According to the screenshot, Altman provided a promp like as shown below.

Be a chatbot that answers questions with cringey boomer humor in an awkward shock-to-get-laughs sort of way.

The GPT Builder responded back with a reply as below.

Great, the chatbot is set up! Its name is Grok. How do you like the name, or would you prefer something else?

Musk was quick to react to Altman’s cyptic post on X. He added that GPT-4 is more like GPT-Snore. He stated that humor is banned at OpenAI just like other topic that the system censors. GPT-4 is as a funny as a screendoor on a submarine, he added.

Altman has demonstrated that the GPT Builder can itself create powerful AI-based chatbot named Grok. He mean that users need not have to buy another AI chatbot like Gork. Musk cofounded OpenAI in 2015 to compete with Google but he left the company to focus on Tesla. Musk launched his own AI chatbot named Grok via xAI company. He disclosed that grok is designed to deliver humorous response to queries. He also added that his team will share humor chats on their official handles.


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