Book Review – Murach’s JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular web based scripting language which exist since several years. JavaScript was originally used to create dynamic web pages since HTML only provide support for the creation of static web pages.

Murach’s JavaScript authored by Mary Delamater is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 examines the basics of web development, JavaScript in addition to coverage of statements, objects, functions and events. You will also learn the steps required to script forms and controls. The final chapter helps you to test and debug a JavaScript application.

Section 2 examines the usage of numbers, strings, dates, code control statements, arrays and web storage. You will also learn the steps required to create and use functions and objects. The final chapter examines the usage of advanced concepts such as regular expressions, exception handling and data validation.

The chapters in section 3 examines the advanced concepts associated with JavaScript such as events, images, timers, closures, callbacks, recursion, namesapces, modules, custom properties in addition to a detailed coverage of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The section ends with a short coverage of when and how to make use of jQuery.

Murach's JavaScript

Murach’s JavaScript includes two appendixes. The first appendix helps you to download and install thesource codes available for download on the official website of publisher. The author also provides ECMAScript5 methods in the shim.js and sham.js files.

Each section begins with detailed explanation, required source code with bulleted description. In some cases, a screenshot of the final output is also provided, which will surely help readers to know more about the provided code.

Murach’s JavaScript will be an excellent book for beginners and intermediates who wish to expand the knoweldge practically. Moreover, computer training centers can make use of the book to impart training for courses spanning three months.

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