Microsoft Build 2020: Launch TV, Microsoft Azure Quantum, Azure Supercomputer and much more

Microsoft has announced a sleuth of new features in the first-ever Microsoft Build 2020 conference. The Redmond-based tech giant has opted to conduct the Build 2020 via online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company made a series of announcements with a special focus on AI and other technology-related improvements. During the Build 2020 conference, Microsoft made an attempt to address developer problems across various industries with reference to the remote work environment.

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program will provide leadership via social responsibility and impact among peer members of the community. With e-learning gaining rapid momentum, Microsoft will launch Launch TV to provide quality education across the world. The TV will focus on daily live programming modules with discussions. The Launch TV will be the new hub to learn via live content directly from Microsoft Cloud Advocates and Product Group leaders.

Microsoft Azure Quantum

The newly announced Microsoft Azure Quantum is the first full-stack open cloud ecosystem. It automatically unites a diverse set of quantum software, solutions, and hardware. The platform is currently available for limited preview. If you are interested, you can participate in the Azure Quantum Developer Workshop on July 16.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Link

The Microsoft Azure Synapse Link is designed to bring real-time operational database services and analytics together. The service was launched in Azure Cosmos DB and will hit all the operational systems within the next few days. The Synapse Link enables you to reduce time and lower costs without managing data movement. The Project Reunion provides developers for a collaborated approach with special emphasis on the unification of universal apps.

Microsoft has refreshed Fluid Framework by making it open source to developers. You will be able to experience Fluid with the availability of Fluid workspaces and Fluid components in Outlook for the Web and Microsoft will provide new Responsible ML tools in Azure Machine Learning and OSS toolkits. This will enable customers to deploy AI models to enhance model interpretability and also to minimize unfairness while assuring data privacy.

Microsoft Azure Supercomputer

During Build 2020, Microsoft announced the development of AI supercomputer developed using the Azure platform. The new supercomputer will be used to train massive distributed AI models with the help of the robust modern cloud infrastructure. The company also announced Microsoft 365 with improved features for a collaborative and productive work environment.

Microsoft will launch new innovations in healthcare via cloud solutions. The Microsoft Teams will be used to assist hospitals in the proper management of the patient records. The Bill Gates-founded company is planning to invest to implement low-code Robotic Proces Automation technology into Power Automate.

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