Kickass ways to drive traffic to your WordPress website

There are people who still don’t know the value and importance of WordPress. The most common misconception people have about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform but NO, it is not. Indeed, WordPress commenced its journey as a blogging platform, but it evolved rapidly into a powerful website builder and a powerful content management system (CMS) throughout the years. The high point about WordPress is that in terms of usage, it’s very simple and flexible. WordPress allows you to make different kinds of websites.

Current Scenario

The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites. That’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 32.3% of all websites on the internet. Due to its robust features, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites including Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and more. With these many brands relying on WordPress the popularity its position has become much stronger.

Must do’s in Increasing Site Traffic

The demand for it is increasing rapidly day by and companies have been using different kinds of techniques to drive in traffic because of todays faced paced world. Let’s take a look at some of these techniques-

(1) Although it might not seem that much important right now but it is one of the key factors if you want to increase the site traffic and it’s relatively cheap. It’s highly proven and is one of the best ways to increase site traffic without a hefty budget hence making it extremely popular among. On average these sales have gone up to 7 times when comes to using this technique.

(2) Another technique is to link the site with online directories and sites that give reviews, and also constantly keep updating which can help bring in more traffic. There are even chances that the right links would play a role decreasing your page rank on the google search engine.

(3) Another sure-fire method would be by adding hashtags, and although it might sound pointless but in the long run it helps in pulling in more traffic by simply extending the reach of your pages or blogs and or create your own by using GoDaddy coupons to make it, even more, budget-friendly.

(4) The best way would be to arguably rely on social media platforms because almost everybody uses them and there is the fact that it is absolutely free. Posting the content in social media is going to give it far more reach in terms of audience than offline marketing the costs are practically zero. It is also possible that the people who see the posts are more than likely to suggest it to their friends generating insane amounts of traffic.

(5) You could also use backlinks, that is including link to your website on their sites and having the backlinks in the right websites will not only helps in increasing the quantity of traffic but also it’s quality which is very important in the long run to build a proper trust in the eyes of the audience.

(6) Once the site starts getting momentum it’s going to get a lot of traffic and with lots of traffic it becomes harder and harder to study the data behind it. For example, how long has a person visited, and how much time he spent on the site, and the actions that he too could all be analyzed to give much better? understanding in case the website is lacking something? This is where google analytics comes in by helping in analyzing all the data no matter how vast in real time and even help you understand the various trains of thought regarding the analysis and this can help boost the site traffic even more.

(7) After this it’s very important that you are constantly engaged with the site and keep staying updated in all aspects of it and even the smallest of things like catchy domain name by using bigrock coupons to make it cost effective can go a long way.

Things to keep in mind for the long run

While doing these steps keep in mind to avoid instant bumps in traffic as more cases than not, they aren’t real and can break the trust between the site and the audience which would be critical. It’s very important to follow these techniques while also keeping in mind that getting more traffic doesn’t happen in a day and t takes a lot of effort and knowing what to do and when to do it. It is important that you stay active and ion this way you can bring in lots of customers and make sure that things stay that way.

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