How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive?

Case 1. My system is completely dead and I have lost all the data. Prior to the complete failure, my system was behaving strangely. I was hearing clicking noise, system’s performance was sluggish, and so on. Just to let you know, I have found out that it has happened because my hard drive has failed due to some physical damage. How can I recover data from a damaged hard drive?

Case 2. My external hard drive which contains sensitive and crucial data is not getting detected on my system. It doesn’t get detected even on another system I tried. It seems that the hard drive is damaged. Is there a way I can recover data from it?

You may be in a similar situation where you lost data due to damaged hard drive. Now you want to recover your important data stored on it.  In this post, we’ll discuss some common causes of hard drive damage and how you can recover data from damaged hard drive.

Common Reasons for Hard Drive Damage

Adverse Environmental Conditions

If a hard drive is exposed to heat, dust, and moisture, it might get damaged. Exposure to such adverse environmental conditions might jam the disk, damage the controller, or cause any other damage.


Hard drives are electromechanical devices with movable components. A fall or jerk may lead to a mechanical failure of hard drive.

Power Surge

As hard drives have electronic circuitry (PCB) to control its operation, high voltage or power surge may damage the hard drive circuit or even burn the hard drive.

Bad Sectors

Data is stored in sectors on hard drive. Sometimes, these sectors get damaged. If too many sectors are damaged, this may result in complete failure of hard drive. When this happens, no data can be read/written to the hard drive.

Sudden or Dirty Shutdown

Sudden or dirty shutdown means sudden cut-off of power supply. Such an instance hinders normal shutdown operation of hard drive and might damage it.

Exposure to High Intensity Magnetic Field

If a high-intensity magnetic field interferes with electromagnetic hard drives, it may damage the hard drive.
If your hard drive is damaged due to any reason, the only way is to seek the help of a Professional Data Recovery Service Provider to recover your lost data.

Best Way to Recover Lost Data from Damaged Hard Drive

The best way to recover data from damaged hard drive is to contact a hard drive data recovery expert. Stellar is no.1 trusted data recovery brand which has been providing data recovery solutions to individuals and businesses for more than 26 years. Stellar uses proprietary tools, equipment, and technology to recover data from damaged hard drive. The data recovery experts at Stellar first analyze the damaged hard drive and then safely fix the physical damages caused to your hard drive. Next, they create image file of hard drive data and recover the lost data from the image file.

How to Prevent Hard Drive Damage and Data Loss?

  • Keep the hard drive safe from heat, moisture or any other environmental condition, which may damage it.
  • Make sure that you don’t drop the hard drive and prevent it from physical impacts.
  • Use an antivirus program on your system so that the connected hard drive is protected from viruses.
  • Always “shut down” the system properly instead of powering OFF the system directly.
  • Remove the hard drive safely (if external), if you need to disconnect it from a system.


Hard drives are delicate data storage devices. They may get damaged due to overheating, dust, moisture, heavy impacts, electromagnetic interference, corrupted sectors, etc. If a hard drive gets damaged, you lose all the data stored on it. Thus, you must take precautions, while using it, to prevent any damage.

But if your hard drive has already been damaged and you’ve lost data, seek the advice of a hard drive data recovery expert to recover your data. Stellar operate with your hard drive in Class 100 clean room, it is a dust free environment which is required for opening the hard drive.

Stellar data recovery in India is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data recovery service provider. They are into the data recovery industry since 1993 and provide 100% data confidentiality and security. Selecting Stellar data recovery will be the wise decision to save your data.

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