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I first launched my site (the one you are viewing now) in 2000. Yes. Well before Facebook and Twitter started its operations. Initially, my site was designed using plain HTML with the help of Microsoft FrontPage. In 2008, I migrated to WordPress since I found it difficult to manage a HTML based site.

I publish software and web development related news, book reviews and articles in addition to technology based news stories. However, I usually notice several useful articles on the web which I would like to share on my own website. I did this job few times but I need to manually provide all content and publish the post. The job became difficult when I had to post several links per day.

Hence, I was on a lookout for a WordPress theme which looks like a Digg, Pligg or DZone type site. I searched the web and downloaded few free themes which I don’t like. Finally, I found Covert Social Press which enables you to build a typical curated site with WordPress. I purchased it immediately after finding out that it had all features I require to setup both blog and a curated site.

The purchase process was very easy. I was able to download the required files immediately. The package consists of Covert Social Press WordPress theme in ZIP format in addition to documentation in PDF format. The vendor also provides high resolution stock images free of cost, which you can download separately.

In order to work with the theme, you need to extract the contents of the ZIP file and upload the folder and its contents to wp-content/themes directory of your blog. After that you can activate the theme by logging into the admin dashboard as usual.

You can upload the theme either by using FTP or directly from the WordPress admin dashboard

You should also provide a featured image for each of your blog posts if you haven’t done earlier. Otherwise, a default image will be loaded along with each post on the home page which doesn’t look good.

In order to install Covert Social Press WordPress theme on your blog, you need to login to admin dashboard, select Appearance | Themes, hover over the theme and select Activate link. You can also select the theme and a popup window will appear on the screen with detailed description and relevant links.

Covert Social Press WordPress Theme

As soon as you activate the theme, you will view a message titled – New theme activated on the top of Themes page.

As mentioned above, Covert Social Press enables you to post both normal and curated content. You can publish normal blog post by logging into the dashboard and selecting Add New.

In order to post content from other sources, you should login as a user and select Add Link option from the top header.

Covert Social Press Theme Submission

As you can see from the above screenshot, Covert Social Press also provides a handy Submit It bookmark button which enables you to easily post content on your blog directly within FireFox and Internet Explorer.

The theme displays the final submission page as soon as you click Submit button. The title will be automatically populated on the field. You need to provide a short description, which will appear on the home page and also on the single post page. You can also provide relevant tags, category and an image.

Covert Social Press Theme Submission

Covert Social Press WordPress theme enables you to choose image either from your local hard drive by selecting the Browse button or directly from the source.

The Select From Source URL drop down option automatically populates a list of all the images which appear on the original post. You can select a image and click on the Submit button. The post will be published immediately.

From my point of view, the vendor should create the theme in such a way that the drop down box displays images as well. This will enable users to select a image they prefer.

The Options page of Covert Social Press WordPress theme has several parameters to control the functioning of the theme.

Covert Social Press Theme Options

Covert Social Press Theme Options

Covert Social Press Theme Options

The vendor has provided a detailed documentation in PDF format which provides the usage of various options. I would suggest you to read the documentation first before activating the theme. This is because you should know things such as the size of Amazon ad which should appear on the sidebar of the home page.

You will also get another PDF file which enable you to know the required facts in order to achieve success with Covert Social Press WordPress theme.

I would prefer to see functionality where the submitted post will be queued for review and moderation. This will help to eradicate unwanted submissions from spammers.

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