Book Review: Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma

Blogging is one the most credible job that you can do during the current pandemic times. Even before COVID-19, people were blogging but with less intensity. The pandemic has thrown up new challenges but also new work opportunities. Nowadays, mothers are publishing blog posts related to the daily recipes including information about mental health, education, and other related aspects.

With hard work and dedication, bloggers can not only become famous but also earn a considerable amount of money. As a blogger, you will have to learn various topics right from domain name, writing your first post, and other tasks yourselves. The learning materials are scattered across the web, which is difficult to curate. I recently stumbled upon a new book named Bloggers Unplugged author by popular blogger Ruchi Verma.

Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma examines each and every aspect of Blogging in a complete new method. The book is dvidied into 26 chapters. Unlike other books, the author has used A-Z to teach us the various aspects of blogging. For example, you will learn the concept of Backlinks in Chapter 2, which starts with the alphabet B.

Bloggers Unplugged

If you look at the 4th chapter, you will learn about the concept of Domain names. If you want to become a powerful blogger, then you require a definite plan and the author has provided all the tips in chapter 5. If you are a beginner, then you should turn to page 17.

The author then examines the role of social media in bringing popularity to your blog, keywords, comments, SEO, themes in addition to advanced concepts. The author has provided relevant figures along with each chapter with illustrations.

I would suggest the author to increase the font size in the next edition of this book for a comfortable reading experience. Please download my book Windows 10 Simplified. Moreover, the author should provide relevant links wherever applicable. For instance, in the themes chapter, the author can provide links to free themes so that bloggers can directly navigate and download the desired theme.

Download Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma.

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